Hello everyone I am new to this site and this is my first post and I dont want to be to demanding but im kinda struggling in the car business. See when i first started I went on a boom car after car after car, now I know that most of you sell 20 plus cars a month and here in the small town of Twin Falls (44000 people not including surrounding areas) a good month is 8-12 cars. Now at first i was doing about 8-12 and the national average is 8, since the first im doing only 4-6 cars a month and making barely any money. My prospecting is very weak and im not to knowledgeable at prospecting  so i was wondering if anyone could help me with any advice on prospecting tips or advice, where to go what to do or use on line prospecting social networking. Anything helps i am determined to be a 20 car salesman and help my team be #1 in Twin Falls Idaho.


          Your selection specialist, Tyler Howard

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If you do not have YOUR OWN CRM (Goldmine, ACT) data base, your dealership should be providing you with access to their CRM. I purchased ACT 98 when I started selling automobiles and it has been the most valued tool in my arsenal to this day, upgraded several times.

Typically, the average driver will put 1,000 miles a month on their vehicle. Get with your Service Department and find out what SPECIALS are available for first time customers for oil changes. See if there is a printed promotion on your Dealer web site, use this information (benefit) as a reason to get back with your sold customers and REMIND them (service orientated) that they may be due for their First Service Interval that YOU COVERED with them in their owners manual and that you have a SPECIAL Coupon, Promotion, Opportunity, for them to take advantage of and would like to SET UP AN APPOINTMENT with one of YOUR PREFERRED SERVICE ADVISERS! Once you have the appointment set you have the perfect setting to ask if there are any referrals they would like to pass on to you at that time.

Be advised, if you are going to attempt this approach BE CONSISTENT! Have a LONG TERM goal in mind that you are going to call, email or mail every SOLD CUSTOMER every three months to remind them its time to visit your dealers service department. The FIRST attempt MUST be in person (call), email and snail mail is acceptable thereafter.



All above is great advice so let me throw in my 2 cents. You mayneed to spend a little bit of money but not much. Craigslist is a goldmine when done correctly.

I recommend using the following

1. carsforsale.com (this will give you access to 30 to 40 html templates to change up your inventory postings.

2. CL accounts. You may need to utilize phone verified accounts 1 phone number per posting account. VOIP numbers tend to not work. Post paid cell phones and/or land lines are your best bet.

3. Posting times should be 5 ads at 9am    5 ads at 11am   5 ads at  1pm    5 ads  at 3pm     5 ads at 6pm     5 ads at 8pm


4. You will need different IP addresses if you follow the above posting schedule. My recommendation is if you do not have the time to gain the experience to correctly post on CL. Then go to Odesk.com there are plenty of overseas contractors that will do a wonderful job for you for a very reasonable price.


Good luck


Daniel Dugan


You should be a prospecting guru by now with all this awesome advice. Personally my favorite prospecting advice would be (next to service and orphans), autotrader.com, cars.com, craigslist, or any other site where people are selling vehicles. Why? Because most of them are "Hot" prospects that are in the market for a new or used vehicle. Once they sell their vehicle, they are ready to buy a vehicle in most cases. Talk about a pond where the fish are bighting!

If someone already mentioned this idea then sorry for the duplication, but best of luck with your prospecting plans. I will say this, "If you stick with your plan, you will see results." Most people give up on prospecting because they don't see immediate results, but if you stay persistent the sales will follow.

Tyler, I am in the same boat as you . I am new to car sales. I have only been in the business for 3 months. I too could use some help with prospecting!  To the guys that posted to this discussion earlier and left numbers and email addresses, are there any of you that would share knowledge with me also?  I am willing to put in the work needed to grow my business, but I am in need of sound direction!


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