Hi Everyone!

My name is Sean Prosser and I am from London ON.  I am new to the car business and am very excited to start building my business!  I am not very familiar with this site and decided that this would be the best way of introducing myself, so that I can meet some of you and be able to receive some great advice in creating a successful career.  It has been a week since I have started here and I can honestly say that I already know that I have found my niche in life and am prepared for the never ending learning journey.  If you could please introduce yourself and leave a few tips and advice it would be greatly appreciated and will be of great use to myself. Everyone is very helpful at my dealership but we all need our own style so I would like to be able to have access to as much information as possible to create the style that works best for me.  Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to learn from you, it is greatly appreciated.

God Bless

-Sean Prosser  

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O.K. here's my advice.

1. Get organized. The first hour of the day (while others are reading the paper and discussing last nights sports) I would get out 20 snail mail pieces and 20 e-mails. There's always something to mail and you can always find articles or pictures to cut and paste into outbound e-mails. 20 each EVERY DAY!

2. Second hour of the day. Make 20 phone calls or talk to service customers in the waiting room. (the other salespeople will be drinking coffee and taking a smoke break by now) Offer a service customer a test drive in a new vehicle even if they aren't in the market. (they all know someone who wants or needs a car)

3. 3 hour of the day, now you can start taking ups. Don't hang with the other guys, they tend to contaminate you. Have some kind of product info in your hand to study up on while your waiting for that up.

4. Always try to set 2 firm appointments every day. 1 at 10:15 am and 1 at 1:45pm. Confirm these as part of your morning phone calls.

5. Be selling 24/7. Your always on stage. Rember, your actions, attitude and behavior are always being watched by someone. Show class.

6. Never talk about customers offsite. Only discuss customers in the office with doors closed. (someone is always listening outside the office)

7.24/7 make sure everyone in the world knows who you are, what you do and where you work. Always have business cards with you. (yes, I even carry a couple in my bath robe, just in case)

8. You're always "on stage". You've got to put on a show if you want to get the dough.

9.Seek out and hang with very successful people. No matter what business they're in, you can always adapt some positive habits from a successful person.

10. Get a hobby. Golf, fishing, volunteer for a charity,  whatever. Something you can escape to that's not related to the car business. Again, schedule time off for you, your kids and family. Protect and defend this time just like you commit to your work time. It gives your brain a break and gives your life balance.

11. Be humble. Soon you'll be making a ton of money. There's no reason to rub someone elses nose in it. Same goes for the wife and kids. They don't need to be the most flashy family on the block. Save the extra money for the down times. They will come, they always do.

12. Enjoy life! Work hard, Play hard. Be a great husband and father. Support and share your faith.

Welcome to the car business my friend....Go get em !!


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