PR: The Automotive Super Conference Announces World-Class Dealership Solutions for the Entire Dealership

March 22nd, 2012 – Charlotte, NC - The Automotive Super Conferenceis the first conference of its kind. Designed to cover a wide range of topics, the Automotive Super Conference is more than just sales, more than just digital or fixed-ops, it’s a synergistic approach to everything a dealership needs to compete and dominate in today’s customer-driven economy.

Unlike other dealership conferences, where you have to pick and choose which sessions you want to join, with multiple sessions at the same time, the Automotive Super Conference was designed with one session per time slot, ensuring that each attendee get’s the full benefit of the wealth of information available.

“In my 38 years in the auto industry,” says Craig Lockerd, CEO of AutoMax Recruiting And Training. “I’ve been to a lot of conferences and seminars. Never have I been to one that offers the full gamut of real-world dealership solutions, where each attendee didn’t have to pick and choose, but could attend each session.”

The Automotive Super Conference was designed so that everybody in the dealership could attend, with each session being part of the overall, bigger picture. What that means is that each session fits together, with the others, to form synergy from its multiple parts. What that really means is that a dealership can send somebody from each department and return with a holistic approach to solving today’s most pressing real-world issues.

“In the past six months or so I’ve attended 4 different conferences, and was always left wanting.” Says Craig Lockerd. ” It was then that I decided I would look into distilling everything that makes one of these conferences great and throwing out everything else. That’s when the idea of the Automotive Super Conference was born.”

Over a two day period attendees will be presented with 8 different, 90 minute presentations, by industry thought leaders. These experts include, Craig Lockerd of AutoMax Recruiting And Training, Tracy Myers of Frank Myers Automaxx, Troy Spring of Dealer World, Jim Bernardi of Auto Pro Training, Tom Wiegand of 1 Team Synergy, Jerry Thibeau of Phone Ninjas, Nancy Simmons of N-Gage and David Johnson of Persuasive Concepts.

Each presenter will present real-world solutions for today’s real-world dealership. Each solution has been vetted by the other presenters and will cover a variety of topics: bullet proofing your service department for increased loyalty and profitability, gaining instant credibility and dominating your market by building your expert status, improving your bottom line through the creation of a championship team, why using direct mail the way you’re using it now is costing you money, how to create an inbound marketing strategy that will pull in leads like never before, and much more.

“I knew that this was bigger than me.” Craig starts. “So I called the best and the brightest together, and as a team, we built the Automotive Super Conference from the ground up. Together we designed the curriculum, wrote out our goals, picked the best possible place for the first conference, and decided that we will always put our best foot forward, offering a complete solution for today’s economical climate.”

On June 27th and 28th, the first Automotive Super Conference will be held at the beautiful Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided on both days with a cocktail reception after the first day of solutions training, on the 27th. Also, each attendee will receive a lap around the track in an official pace car, just prior to the cocktail reception.

“From beginning to end,” Says Tracy Myers, dealer principal of Frank Myers Automaxx. “We wanted to create a world-class experience that detailed real-world solutions for today’s dealership. We didn’t want to have just another conference in Las Vegas, instead we chose a venue as unique as the solutions that will be given. We chose the Charlotte Motor Speedway!”

To register for the Automotive Super Conference and to learn more about each presenter and what they will be presenting on, go to For the first 30 days of open registration, there will be a $500 discount for early bird signups.

Also, sponsorship opportunities are available, check out the “Sponsorship” tab on their site.


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100% Correct David.

Maybe we can teach her a thing or two right? 

Richard Emmons said:

Ok Danica may be able to drive, but does she know anything about the car biz? We really should invite her so she can keep up with you Jodi.

Ha Thanks Craig.... You always say the right things... It's called Swag

Craig Lockerd said:

Jodi,you would fly past her like she was standing still!

Jodi Adkins said:

Ha Ha Rick  Just call me the new Danica Patrick.......  That was a stretch but one can dream... LOL

Richard Emmons said:

It's........ "Race Time" Jodi is in the lead. "You can never win a race if you do not enter to win." So I am thinking we all should be there. Learn alot and have some fun!!

I will say this Craig.... We have some guys that are worth the price of admission alone....never mind 8  speakers like we have along with the energy and synergy we have is insane.  Truly special.

Link to save some $$$$$

Craig Lockerd said:

I was just thinking, if a store is operating at 100% in all departments they may not want to go to the "Super Conference." If not to invest less than 2 good RO tickets in service or less than 1/2 of one car deal is something of real value, let alone what they will learn about training, direct mail, office operations, social media, phone skills, reputation management. Quite a bonus I think!! Ok Ok so they also get to do 4 laps around the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I did this and trust me you will never believe the car can stay on the track when you hit turn 4. You will see!!

100% of what?  Certainly not retention!  You see, at the conclusion of this conference all attendees will have completed an exercise in "Doubling Customer Count".  The results of this exercise will be most higher, some below, but the average will have their own plan of action to go back and "Double Customer Count!"  Serious stuff for "Synergy Doers."  Rick, do the math on doubling customer count!    "Synergy Doer's" are not interested in attending another conference to be taught how to sell more to the customer in front of them.  "Synergy Doers" attending this conference are the "early adaptor" types that truly want to learn proven methods to significantly gain and retain more customers, which makes this conference a 'must attend' for ALL "early adaptors!"   

Well Tom I could not agree more.   {100%}  What I meant if a store was operating at 100%.... How many stores can do or say that!  Soooooowww All should attend, or if truly were operating at 100% they should be the speaker. Bottom line is all should attend.

Amen to that!

David,  I think when dealers see what kind of value they get for this conference it will be a sell out crowd.  When we meet on Mondays and plan this thing I just keep thinking to this is truly a game changer and blessed to be involved.

Thanks Bobby; love your passion, commitment and Christ-like example!  Stay the course!  Tom

Bobby Compton said:

The best of the best!~


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