dE members,I have my personal feelings about this issue, but I wanted to see what the dE dealer community thought. Should salespeople, service advisers, and/or finance managers be asking for reviews from people at the dealership?

That's not to say that they should be asking them to do the reviews while there, but should they be mentioning it before following up with an email?

I say yes, as I detailed in the blog post below, but what do you think?

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Nice to read some 'hands on' Dealership Mgt support in wanting to gain reviews, ideally where most people read reviews. I have read and heard many o/s professional within automotive dealership company conveyance as JD provides some very astute recommendations above, especially associated with YELP. Dealer Rater is another great business entity, but, most consumers will not discover by chance the testimonials on this site before buying. Google+ is by far the best site for gaining easily discoverable reviews by consumers. As a President Award and Triple Crown dealer for many years with a strong philosophy in ethics and integrity, tactfully and professionally requesting a review immediately post sale or service via e and then adding a link for the consumer versus passively trying to discover for themselves, where to go for postings. Concur 100% requesting for superlative 'ratings'/comments is not a way to go... Respond asap to any negative or positive commentary/review with sincere care to resolve with a contact and/or sincere appreciation for their time in sharing.  

Absolutely JD. Best to have accountability for those who serviced the Dealership's clientele. Having someone for the Dealer/GM coordinate professionally and immediately and assuring the correct representative be exclusively identified by name for a opted in review via the buyers/service customers would be absolutely awesome, if someone there can administrate the volume of sends and responses in the dealership for the GM/Dealer. With many stores having 50-75 plus warranty repair orders and 5-10 sales per day average, there is a scalability matter that is at hand. But, if done, WOW what a huge metric of customer feedback to reach Sigma 6 in due time with a 'commitment' of staff at large...

Customers are happiest at time of delivery . To me that is the best time to ask for a referral . Every time I see a previous customer I will eventually ask for referrals . That's how we make a living .


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