I have been in this business (on the floor and licensed) since Feb and I just ran into my first really difficult and mentally challenging day on Saturday.  Set myself up for great success to have 4 possibly 5 cars out in one day.  Not too shabby for a newbie right?  Well it didn't go according to plan to say the least.  

Appt number 1 = tough financial spot, still working a deal, but not there yet. 

Appt number 2 = Started at a 2 car deal, fell flat and trying to resurrect it into a 1 car deal

Appt number 3 = Got stood up

Appt number 4 = Yelling screaming and losing a deal to the competition

Potential deals 5, Actual deals ZEROOOOOO

I pride myself in controlling my business and ultimate success, but on this day I felt like I couldn't control a darn joystick.  Spent a lot of hours Sat night and all day Sunday trying to define those failures and figure out how to turn it into a success story.  

As it stands right now 5 hours into the new work week, I think I have 2 back in the game and one still hanging out there.  The other is dead, but I guess we can't get them all (although my stubborn ways still try to get 100% lol)  

The lesson I took from this is you MUST get your head right as soon as the next business day starts.  Bad juju will just kill your production and slow down your ability to climb the ladder if that in fact is your goal.  Most people hate Mondays, I absolutely love them.  Its the fresh start I need every week to set and achieve new goals.  Now I have to figure out how to close 11 new deals to hit my goal for the months end.  Wish me luck!

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OK Frank, it's good to hear you're moving ahead.  But, reading your original post, it's easy to believe.  However, I noticed in this comment, you mentioned you "needed to learn the business as well."  I hope the "needed" was only a mistake and what you wanted to say was you "need" to learn the business.  Believe me (and every experienced professional car rep you'll talk with), you'll never finish learning this business as, fortunately for the excitement factor of big ticket retailing, customers will continually "re-educate" you at every opportunity.

Hopefully, you are only talking about your sales successes on DE.  I'm sure no one at your dealership will enjoy hearing about them.  After all, the better you look, the worse they'll appear.  If you stay in this business long enough, you'll meet a lot of "90-day wonders" whose continual reminders of "How it's done" will irritate you to no end.  Please, for the sake of your career and your relationships with you're co-workers, be humble...and helpful...and generous.  A well-placed split deal with one of your contemporaries having "hard luck" can buy you a lot more goodwill than the other half of your commission.  Customer can come and go, but you have to work with your sales team every day.

In the end, being admired as a genuine "giver" by your management and co-workers is a lot more memorable then being #1 in the "Hall of Heros."   I'm just as "big" on doing well as you are, but life has taught me that the next level to aspire to after you learn to do your job well, is to do it well without hurting anyone, pissing them off or making them feel bad.  And remember, if someone else "toots your horn," the music travels "twice as far" than if you do it yourself.   


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