Who would you recommend for an onsite trainer.  We might be looking into a trainer but a lot to choose from.  Are the online classes a good way to go or someone in person?

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Who is the best Trainer out there?

Your gonna get your butt in a Jam on this one DT!

Way to many to learn from! Take all of them and turn yourself into a book of knowledge and you will be fine! 


I think your question is too broad. What kind of trainer are you looking for - prospecting,sales, F&I, management, etc. What is the budget you have set aside to bring this trainer in? Are you looking for a one-shot deal or an ongoing program?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of great trainers on this site and hundreds more who aren't here. You need to decide what it is you are looking for to help find the right trainer for you.

Sales Training

Hi Daniel,

I agree with Alan, your question is too broad.  Of course you don't know what you don't know but basically you should start by listing what you do know about your present sales people and processes.

For example,

1) Do you have a qualified HR person and process to properly screen new hires so you are building/training on a good foundation of people before you invest in training them?

2) Do you have sufficient sales processes and management support in place to inspect what you expect once you have a trained staff?

3) Do you have sufficient staff - or perhaps to large a staff - to handle present and pending business to insure that your customers are served while your staff can still make a living?

4) Do you have sufficient resources to maintain ongoing in-house training to maximize the ROI from your investment in an outside trainer?

5) Have you evaluated your present staff to see if you have any qualified trainers in-house and/or do you have a large enough staff or sales volume to justify a full time trainer on staff or to support ongoing outsourced support?

If you don't have the answers to at least these questions then perhaps before you focus on a sales trainer you should consider a consultant to evaluate your sales operations?  If you do have a clear picture on your present situation and needs then my advice is to forward them to several trainers and request a comprehensive plan to resolve your specific issues vs. some training program that is designed to fit all.

That said - Dealer Elite is a great platform to seek out qualified professionals to help.  After all, what are friends and Dealer Elite for! 

One who does not publicly proclaim themselves to be number 1 on the plant and is passionate about helping dealers. A great trainer has a true proven background in their field and is dedicated to developing their trainees.

very true that is why I am looking for feedback on this thanks



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