I recently went through a week long interview process that started with the head hunter/motivational speaker John Tracey on Monday then took a three day sales training class. I thought things were going well and I was a shoe in for the job. I was even telling my friends and family about it over the weekend. I have a background in sales and am use to interacting with customers. I used to do stand up comedy and am naturally good at making people feel comftorable and at ease around me. My dad is a machanic and I know about cars. My family grew up driving the brand of cars the dealership was selling and trading.  But for some reasing during the final interview with the three managers at Norwalk Georgetown Jeep Dodge Chrysler Ram I was passed over and the positions were given to other candidates. Being a Professional Transportation Constultant is the only full time job I can truely see myself doing well with. So if anyone knows of any interviews at dealerships in the Fairfield County area please let me know. My E-mail is DeMottAndrew@gmail.com and my cell is (203) 524-0132. Thanks.

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Andrew getting a job selling cars is the same thing as selling cars. just because you got a no answer doesn't mean you can't sell cars. Keep asking dealers to hire you. If you are committed someone will see this in you. When you get a job selling contact me. I will send you one of my sales training book to help you. Never let anyone rain on your parade. Best of luck.

Andrew please refer to your desired career choice as Automotive Retail Consultant. Especially if you are going to work for any Franchised Dealer, you will be representing Dodge, Ford, Chevy or whomever and they will require extensive certifications on product, customer relations, needs analysis etc. You won't be some "car salesman" you will be so much more than that. The fundamentals you will hopefully acquire while pursuing a career in automotive retail are marketable into so many different career paths. Also, just a heads up, check your spelling on any future articles that prospective employers may come across. Good Luck!


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