We all know many dealers still make money the old fashioned way, in spite of themselves. If we want to attract top notch professionals to our industry we need to be able to quickly identify attributes of the poorly managed and not employee focused stores.   Lets put together our Top Ten (or 20) Ways to know you work for a bad dealership. 

Keep responses down to two brief sentences. 


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When you have to get a CO from the floorplan rep that is camping out in your dealership for your delivery.
When the entire ad budget is consumed by newspaper ads.
... The paddy-wagon pulls up and carries your entire Pre-owned department away!
1. Planning & Strategy
Never looks beyond today and suggests that we have to get through today first
2. Training
Training is based upon "well, when i was in sales this is what i did" not seeking out the strengths and weaknesses of indivuals to help develop and support their growth and the growth of the business.
3. Re-active not proactive
Waits till he is in the s... till he decides to take a panic approach
4. Measureing output not input
Instead of measuring daily opportunities and making the most of them he looks only at the outcome. when busines is good he will get away with it, when it is bad he is afraid to count the value of lost business as he may have to change his way of working and maybe inform his boss of the level of missed opportunity. If you dont measure it your boss wont know !!!

Hows that for starters
... When your owner tells you that he will increase the ad budget when the store sells more cars, and then he gets back to his real estate dealings...
When the owner holds an emergency meeting to announce that no dealer trades are to be done without first obtaining a copy of their invoice & MSO so the floor plan can cover the check - Been there! Done that!
When they can't keep good Talent. Turn over and over and over. Can't always be the employee.
When the sheep run the Lions
When you spoon the under performers
Managers that blame, blame, blame
...when the owner drives a competitor's product!
When the GM takes your office and they put your desk in the hallway.
when you try to order a set of wipers down the street and they tell you they need a check
when you sell 25 + cars a month and they have to pay your commission check in 2 payments!
when the GM and GSM's off days are ALWAYS on pay days!


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