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Self Control – Important Factor to Exercise Success

Self-control is the ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses. An example of self control is when you want to use something but you apply your will-power to avoid the use of that thing such as drugs. It means that you have self control of your wants.  People with greater willpower and better self control habits may perform better in life, have higher self-esteem, better physical and mental health.Self-control is the ability to regulate…


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5 ways to increase your dealership business's revenue

A dealership can be a very profitable business whether you sell used or brand-new cars. However, sometimes you may not get as much revenue as you were expecting from your dealership business. Here are 5 ways to increase your profit from your dealership company:  

  1. Offer prepaid maintenance programs 

Offering prepaid…


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Dealer Websites Fail to Meet Customer Expectations

A recent Affinitiv survey of 1,000 automotive consumers reveals that dealerships are falling short when it comes to delivering personalized, online shopping experiences to customers. In the same study, we analyzed a sample of 100 dealer websites to better understand the current level of personalization that dealers are offering.


Why the focus…


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Facebook’s Get Ready, Get Set, Go Groups!

On a recent trip to NYC, I noticed Facebook had a Times Square advertisement—with an estimated annual cost of $1.5 million--that really wasn’t all that much about Facebook.

For a company with a market cap of well over $500 billion, it’s not a huge number, but not…


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You are NOT Amazon, Apple, or Google! Why is everyone telling you that you should be? Part 1.

“Hey Alexa, order me more shampoo. Also, can you get me a trade number on customer Smith, make sure that our inventory is up to date online, improve my service drive experience, skyrocket our profitability, and find out why John didn't show up today? Thanks, Alexa!”


Anyone else tired of hearing that Amazon, Apple, and Google should be the gold…


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First 120 Days

Welcome back to our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success! We’ve been keeping you up to date on our friend, Carlos Huerta. He came in several months ago brand new to the business - just a man with his own community. He’s been working very closely with Ali Reda since the very beginning, and we’ve been happy to walk you through this process since we…


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Four Steps to Productively Process Disappointment

Disappointments are a fact of life. The question isn't whether we'll experience them, but whether we'll use them to our advantage and get better because of them; or, be abused by them when they happen, and let them hijack our attention, focus, productivity, joy, and more. How we handle disappointments is key to living the game changer life, and this podcast episode shares key steps to help you process disappointments productively and shift your thinking so you remain focused, energized, and…


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KISS to KICK -- A New Acronym for Today’s Workforce

For those with a tendency to make things more complicated than things really are “Keep It Simple, Stupid” served as a consistent concept that kept Advertising meetings from turning into Geek Speak aka Information Technology (IT) sessions. Instead of discussing…


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Is Your Store Ready For Training?

I have been hired numerous times to perform training in stores that are not mentally or physically prepared for growth. Mentally, because their advisors think they are doing well enough and don’t see the growth potential in their position. Physically, because the shop is already full, or scheduled work is backed up for days. 

In order to help you get…


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Develop More Mental Toughness and Killer Instinct

No matter what level you're at, whatever your role, whatever your sport, if you're committed to maintaining a challenger's mindset even though you may be the champ...the REDBELT4M is for you! Build more mental toughness and killer instinct in your game today at…


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New Video Series on Developing the Red Belt Mindset


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5 “Spooktacular” Lease Deals for Halloween Compiled 5 Most Reasonably Priced Automobile Leases Around the Country, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, today announced the five best lease deals for the Halloween holiday. Vehicles were selected by advisors based on new lease price data for the month of October. customer advisors help guide shoppers into the right lease vehicle that fits their automotive needs.



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Our Monthly Webcast

We’re back with Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. Last week in our video series we asked the question, Who Gets the Credit? That’s you, my friend! We’re happy to offer all the tools to get you to your next level of sales, but it’s you who has to do…


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Uber and Instant Gratification

Turning on and off. Starting and finishing. Each on your own terms. What’s not to like about that?

If you ever wonder where the appeal of Instant Gratification exists in the transportation industry, look no further than Uber. And then wonder whether your sales team…


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Does your Website Convert Traffic into Leads?

It’s a well-known fact the best leads aren’t the ones that are bought, but those that convert on your website. These leads close faster, close at a higher rate, and close for higher gross than any other online lead. The problem is that websites are consistently converting less than 1% of their traffic into leads. Some are higher, some lower, but rarely does…


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Product videos – success mantra for startups

India has become the biggest and definitive platform for startups. The nature of these startups ranges from a simple business selling a unique product to a technological startup selling a unique application. However, the success of any startup depends on the type of product, its benefits to the ultimate consumers and its reachability. Any corporate company can make a unique product but ensuring its wide reachability is an entirely different matter. Simply writing good content on any blog to…


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Build on Common Ground

As I continue with a series of articles on the topic of generational leadership it’s important to shift our thinking away from what makes each generation different, or what makes different generations “difficult,” and instead get back to leadership basics and outline important aspects of a workplace that ALL generations want, respond well to, and are more productive as a result of. While there are, and will always be, specific tweaks in style, approach, verbiage, etc., that more…


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Kerrigan Advisors Represents Longmont Ford in Sale

Longtime area dealer sells successful dealership to Maroone USA, Serra Automotive and Pat Grooms


Irvine, CA, October 2, 2019 – Kerrigan Advisors, a leading sell-side advisory firm to auto dealers in the U.S., represented and advised owner Mike Peebles in his recent sale of Longmont Ford, one of the most successful Ford stores in the Metro Denver area. The buyers are a partnership between Maroone USA, owned by Mike Maroone, former…


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Change Yourself and Change Your Scene

Many people in life are in a scene they're unhappy with, whether it's at work, on a team they're part of, or at home. So often we take a passive approach and wait for the scene to change to our liking instead of actively changing what we can control - ourselves. We spend a significant portion of our lives in the scenes we're part of, and if we want to change our scene and influence it in a positive way we've got to do our part to change ourselves first. Change yourself with the keys shared…


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3 Strategies to Cultivate Enthusiastic and Loyal Fans

It costs most dealers about five times as much to acquire a new customer than to retain those they…See More
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Auto Dealerships’ Online Shopping Experience Fail to Meet Customer Expectations, Affinitiv Study Finds

Predictive personalization key to matching precedent set by non-auto retailersChicago, IL—November…See More
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Auto/Mate Wins “Best Places to Work” Award for 10th Straight Year

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