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Success in cars.

We all know that today's economic hardships have made maintaining a career in cars quite an obstacle. With that being said, there is always something, we, the people working in the car business can change or do to better ourselves. The economy is always going to change, so we need to change how we work with people, how we communicate and how we sell the product. We need to keep training and looking for new ways to become more successful. There is no such thing as being… Continue

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We keep growing!

We just added 4 more sales offices: Inidianapolis, IN; Sarasota, FL; Del Rey, FL; and Los Angeles, CA. We now have over 8 sales offices nationwide for local representation of our service to dealers across the country. We plan to grow to Chicago, New York, Boston, Seatle and Dallas before the end of the year. Want to join our winning team?! Call us or send your resume to today.

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Unhappy Car Buyer Gets 110,000 Views on YouTube

I was browsing through the website of a prominent dealer-chasing law firm this morning (I know, I have weird hobbies), and came across a posting about a dealer with a link to a YouTube video. This dealership is part of a good-sized group that is very well-regarded in the area. As I am personally acquainted with this dealer group, I can attest to their integrity and dedication to customer satisfaction. So, when I clicked on the YouTube link, I expected to see another unconvincing customer with a… Continue

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Customers and Communications...Are You Losing Sales?

The number one area that your Customers would like you to improve in is… Communicating with your Customers.

Most of you reading this would say “We do communicate with our Customers all the time! We call them; we send them emails…why we even have a monthly newsletter that we send out. What more could they possibly want?”

Maybe…just maybe…they might want you to communicate with them the way they like to be communicated with…whaddya think?

Have you asked your Customers… Continue

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* Mark Hergert Offers Franchise Program for No Fund No Fee Client Referral Program at Auto Credit Dealer Marketing Lead Exchange

Press Release

  • Mark Hergert Offers Franchise Program for No Fund No Fee Client Referral Program at Auto Credit Dealer Marketing Lead Exchange
2010-05-08 20:46:11 -

if approved, a franchise can sign up their own dealers and manage their own prospects with the quality leads generation system that AutoCredit Dealer Marketing has been using for years with successful… Continue

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Auto Credit Dealer Marketing No Fund No Fee Special Finance Leads


Auto Credit Express Acquires AutoNet Financial Web Sites…


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A Lesson in Overcoming Fears and Objections: Featuring: A Mouse

This morning, I woke up to probably the most frightening thing that could ever happen. There was a mouse in my room at the house I'm currently living in with two roommates.

Even writing that sentence gives me hives and I'm so close to doing one of those Hollywood screams with real tears.

I quickly made a phone call to my father, (yes, a girl in her late 20's still calls her dad when there's a problem), and insisted that he come and help me pack a bag to satisfy me for an… Continue

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A Case of the Mondays - A Lesson in Finding the Passion in your Job

Anyone else kind of slugging through the day? It's Monday in the East Coast (well, everywhere, I suppose), and it's hot. I'd like to be at the beach sipping on Gatorade and reading a raunchy novel. But, it's a work day for me.

5 years ago to the day, I was sitting in my cubicle, going through thousands of leads and sending them in for credit to our lead source vendors. 5 years ago, I was a manager/operations director of a BDC in New Jersey. The powers that be also… Continue

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What Are You Thinking When You Start Your Day?

I was traveling recently when I noticed a young man standing in the same line as me for the San Diego flight. Like many of you traveling and spending a lot of time in airports, I become a "people watcher" to pass the time.

As I have "aged" (a kind word for getting old) I find myself watching younger people, especially the kids. I think that children, who are mostly excited to be traveling and filled with boundless and seemingly endless amounts of energy, are the most fun to watch.… Continue

Added by Leonard Buchholz on August 9, 2010 at 11:25am — 4 Comments

Employee Performance - Measuring Strategic Contribution

The strategic contribution of individual employees can and should be measured. Why? Too often, companies invest heavily in articulating their Mission, Vision, and Values, but stop short of clarifying and clearly communicating how each employee can play a roll. A company’s employees execute that company’s Mission, Vision, and Values on a daily basis by virtue of their daily activities. Those activities are the strategy…and ultimately enable the company to realize its Mission, Vision, and…


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Automotive Advertising Agencies Promote Training To Help Them Sell More Cars And Service

To train -- or not to train -- is not the question according to automotive advertising agencies who understand the importance of investing in the people part of the sales and service process by providing training before, during and after the sale. Training has often been considered as an afterthought by auto dealers who have enjoyed the luxury of having more customers than cars with a never…


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Looking For GM for Luxury Store in LA

Dealer is looking for experienced, aggressive GM for luxury store in LA.
Do not send me a resume and do not respond on this network.
Your inquiry will be kept confidential.
Send me brief email to
This is a great position!
I will put you in touch.


Added by Grant Cardone on August 7, 2010 at 11:36am — 1 Comment


Members of Dealer Elite. Many of you have asked that I build my Close the Sale App for Droids and Berries. Within 36 hours we are ranked #29 of the 50,000 apps at Itunes. Thanks to all of you who have already downloaded and reviewed it and are using it.

Help me get this app to #1 by downloading on your itunes account and giving it a review. Then share the link below with your friends so they do…

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Eliminate Turnover in 3 Simple Steps

Eliminate Employee Turnover with 3 Simple Steps

Foster Employee Loyalty Using Proven Techniques

Ever wonder how successful companies inspire loyalty and motivate employees to perform at peak levels while others struggle to retain mediocre… Continue

Added by Kevin "Friend Me" Bradberry on August 5, 2010 at 2:00pm — 3 Comments

Marketing 101: How to find out what works and what doesn’t work in Internet Marketing.

I have been in Internet marketing for many years now and I have seen it evolve. Though, I learn something new everyday. I am a Professional Internet Business Consultant. I work with many different industries from Landscape Contractors to Dentists and Lawyers. I have sold all types of Internet Marketing from Sponsored Links (Adwords or Pay Per Click), Local Map section or One Box placement, Local Organic Customer Connection Pages, Social Media, News Articles, Blogs, Web Design, and Search Engine… Continue

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Affordable Marketing That Really Works.

As a veteran of the Automobile business I understand the pressure on Managers to deliver on every up that visits the property. Some Dealers say each up or opportunity has a cost of about $350 in marketing expense. I certainly remember some of those opportunities, desking the loss leader first thing Saturday morning.

I also understand, from 10 + years of Internet marketing, dealers I have worked for are spending as much as 15K monthly to pay for leads. Those leads are also…


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What are your "Retention-Proof"
numbers for Variable and Fixed? What is your plan to "Retention-Proof"
your Biz in this 11M market today? Think About It!
Tom Wiegand
A Synergy Coach, LLC

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Close the Sale App by Grant Cardone NOW Available!

I assure you this will prove to be one of the most useful apps you ever have.
Go to itunes and get Close the Sale App and have in your hand a close for EVERY situation. Click here and download it now!

Close the Sale App by Grant Cardone

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Spin it like a politician! Its a new Month...

Good morning to all.

This morning I was remembering the sales meeting I would have with my "troops" at the beginning of every month.

Since last month is over and it is so easy to say "i'm tired", "no one comes in after the close of the month", we do two thirds of our business in

the last two weeks. It seems acceptable at times for the energy, the

fire , the passion to make a deal to fall off to almost nothing for @…

Added by Troy Spring on August 3, 2010 at 10:16am — 1 Comment

Automotive SEO Tips and Strategies

It's been a while since I published some "how to" articles on link building and Automotive SEO strategies. Many people have said that that "Content is King" and I would like to append to that adage "and links are the Queen". Car dealers who would like to increase the number incoming links to their primary domains can read further to see if any of my suggestions are new ideas. If so, add them to your digital marketing strategy to increase the search…


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