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The Role of On-Page SEO Content: Relevance, Not Rankings

The Role of On-Page SEO Content: Relevance, Not Rankings

People love to talk about the ways that search engines determine their rankings. I always advise our clients to stay away from trying to find "the edge of the algorithm" or any practices that are manipulative because of the risk these tactics carry, but the search engines continue to have many limitations on what they can do, and how they interpret what they see.

Therefore it is prudent…


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Survey Smarts

Challenge having your customers return or fill out surveys? They have so much time during a purchase till the time they leave. Before the customer leaves the store is when you want that survey! Invest in some Ipads! "Complimentary Ipad use for rating our service" - Just a suggestion

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Shetterly's Three Laws of... Excellence

1) Mediocrity is a habit; excellence is a choice.

2) The ability of a competitor does not govern your excellence: …

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There's More To Dealership Compliance Than F&I

F&I Compliance always gets attention in a dealership but making sure you also are in compliance with the numerous human resources, safety and enviromental regulations is equally important.  There are no less than ten federal laws and regulations that impact  hiring (not to mention state laws) and that is only the start. The federal Department of Labor (including OSHA and the…


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Email Protocol

It’s good to be nice. Nice works, especially with women.

Of course whatever you do to meet the needs of women, will delight your male customers! That’s actually a fact based on a Wharton School study in partnership with WomenCertified. So in short aim for what makes her happy and you will win with everyone.

Sometimes we have to remember that we are customers too and treat them the way we would want to be treated. Kind of hard sometimes when we become robots in how we sell and…


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The Forbidden Fruit Is Now Available To Car Dealers

Google doesn't always get things right the first time but eventually they do listen to their user community.


One of those "Amen!" moments came recently when Google decided to allow multiple users to share Google Webmaster Tools data for a single website.


This is a BIG opportunity for car dealers who often have been told by their web hosting company that Webmaster Tools Data was off limits to their staff. It…


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8 Reasons Your Dealership Facebook Page Isn't Working

“Why isn’t our Facebook page taking off?  We need more fans!”  This phrase is something I hear on a regular basis from dealers.  Growing a community on Facebook is an elusive task for some dealerships.  We used to advertise and the community would come to us…now we need to go to them, attract them and engage them… Continue

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AdAgencyOnline.Net Reviews Cutting Edge Mobile Solutions For Automotive Advertising Agencies


Automotive advertising agencies are turning to AdAgencyOnline.Net to find cutting edge mobile marketing and sales process solutions.  Philip Zelinger, the President of Ad Agency Online, L.L.C. and the host of the automotive advertising social networking / resource portal http://AdAgencyOnline.Net,  reviewed several mobile vendors during his session at The 10th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition held in Orlando, FL April 19th. - 21st.,…


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Learn How You Can Improve Your Used Car Operations- Free ARTS Webinar Tuesday, May 3rd at 2pm

Free Webinar: Learn How You Can Improve Your Used Car Operations

The challenges in today’s used car marketplace are complex and they require dealers to stay up-to-date on the…

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4 Excuses That Prevent Investments in Education

I talk to hundreds of automotive professionals a month and less than 25% of these passionate business professionals attend annual automotive conferences on a regular basis.

If you add in the dealership's Fixed Operations Manager, GSM, ISM, or Social Media/Content writer that percentage drops even further.

When you consider what the average monthly operations and…


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Welcome all Female & Women friendly programs. How many sites from women for women do you know?

Womens Month

February 08, 2011

Toyota's Jim Lentz at NADA and the Importance of Women

Nada_2011 Last weekend at the NADA conference in San Francisco, Jim Lentz, President and COO of Toyota Motor Sales USA delivered a…


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Helms Brothers Mercedes-Benz Triples Gross Profit with NCM® Associates

Overland Park, Kan., May 2, 2011 ― NCM Associates, a leading provider of retail automotive 20 Group services, Education, Retail Operations Consulting and the originator of the NCM Benchmark® for Success program for automobile dealers, today announced that Helms Brothers Mercedes-Benz has tripled its gross profits through the implementation of the Mercedes-Benz Pre-Owned Profit Improvement Program under the guidance of NCM…


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All The Lot is A Stage


All the Lot’s a Stage 

All the lot’s a stage and the men and women merely the players:

There’s nothing like butchering some Shakespeare to make a point, huh?  Not bad for a car-guy.  In the excerpt from “As You Like It” Shakespeare breaks down the seven “roles” people play through their lives.  Let’s take a look at them and compare them to the life of a car-guy.

The Infant: mewing and…


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A Recent College Grad’s View of the Tenth Digital Dealer Conference and the Automotive industry

A Recent College Grad’s View of the Tenth Digital Dealer Conference

I recently graduated college from the University of North Florida after earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and began working for Duval Ford in Jacksonville, Florida. My father has been working in the automotive industry for 27 years and he loves it and I he is always happy. When I began my search for work after college he recommended that I apply at a dealership.… Continue

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Women EI Success


Successful women in business has one great characteristic influence that allows more and more females to enter the world of business successes-Emotional Intelligence! EI Defines the foundation of women’s strength. It is essential to leadership, success and for successful relationships. It's your ability to intuitively communicate so effectively that you inspire others.… Continue

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Release The Past!


Release The Past


You can't change what happened in the past,

but you have choice over how you live NOW


Forgiveness is…


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This week a wonderful thing happened.  I got to see real salesmanship in action.

Here’s the set-up: I only mystery shop Ford dealers, and I almost always mystery shop for an F-150.  But this week I got the wild urge to do something different.  I had two stores to shop so I sent the same request to both: the female shopper clicked the “Get  Info” button on a specific 2012 Ford Focus in the dealer’s inventory and, in the Comments/Questions box, wrote “Does this one have a…


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