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Automotive Sales Training -Complete Sales Freedom in Two Years or Less

Many sales people tend to always be chasing the next customer and worrying about the next paycheck. The good news is that this is unnecessary and can be fixed forever in two years or less. Sales people can eliminate future sales and income anxiety once and for all.


What’s the key to creating freedom? It’s marketing. If you are a sales person who is waiting for your business to provide an endless funnel of prospects and buyers, you are living in a fantasy land. Even with a ton…


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Creating Customer Loyalty through Consistency

Hotel chains across the country have long had problems with customer loyalty due to an  inconsistent customer experience. In researching the problem it was found that the prime reason for the disparity in customer experience was due to the growth of each major brand. Hotel chains were acquiring new properties and, in many cases, simply slapping their corporate branding on…


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Can Enterprise Tech Avoid The Fate Of The Automobile Industry?

“Only the paranoid survive”

– Former Intel CEO Andy Grove

Things seem so good in the enterprise technology universe right now it is a little scary. The IT transition to…


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PCG To Unveil Trade Secrets For Advanced SEO Practices

Join the PCG Digital Marketing team tomorrow, May 23, at 1PM EST as they discuss advanced metrics for measuring success. Lead by Chief SEO Strategiest Matthew O'Such, this free webinar will help dealers understand how to use Google Analytics and other website platform reporting tools.

Don't miss out, click the link below to register:

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High Impact Direct Mail Sales

My name is Chuck Brumm, with Peak National Promotions. I have been in the automotive sales, training and management for many years and have a great understanding of all aspects of the business. 

Peak National Promotions is a full service High Impact Direct Mail company that WILL bring traffic through the door and maximize every sales opportunity to it's fullest capacity with or without an experienced staffed customer retention closer. Most importantly, providing…


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It’s Not Just Social. It’s Search. It’s Reputation. It’s Presence.

Amaral Auto Sales Homepage

Take a look at those familiar little icons in the top right corner of the screenshot above. Four of the primary social media sites’ logos adorn a prominent position on the homepage. It’s not an uncommon sight. Some put them at the top. Other put them at the bottom. Some make them large and prominent. Others make them small and subtle. One way or another, most dealerships put…


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Different Strategies For Contacting Internet Leads

We all are aware of the fact that we only have a 11-14% connection ratio when contacting Internet leads.  And we also know that the hardest part of the job for Internet Coordinators is getting people on the phone which leads to a very valid point that we must ask and that is are we maximizing all avenues for reaching out to consumers versus just calling the…


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Chevy Market Man: Impala Fleeing from Fleet Sales..Focus on Retail

Chevrolet's Impala earned a reputation as a rental car for most of the last decade. Very few were purchased by real buyers and the Impala became the quintessential fleet vehicle.…


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Strategy for Success: First, Hire the Right People (+ Tips on How to Hire Them)

A common perception of what makes a business successful is as follows: the leader is a genius who has a vision, defines the strategy, and all the employees work to make that vision into a reality.


The reality, however, is far different. In the best-selling business book, “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t,” by Jim Collins, a team of researchers discovered that the most successful leaders focus on getting the right people on board before they set…


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Need More Showroom Traffic?

Do you need showroom traffic? Of course you do! This week on Think Tank Tuesday learn how to drive your virtual showroom traffic. Leave Your Comments below the video and Share it Please.

Visit our website:

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Automotive Sales Training - The Five Keys to Success

Do you want to be more successful? You can achieve greater success if you begin to follow certain secrets that blow open the doors that are closed for you now. I am comfortable in saying that all people have some closed doors that limit their achievement. What are the doors that I am talking about and how can you open them?


The doors are a metaphor for the gateways to successful achievement. The keys are the secrets that unlock them and allow you move forward faster and with…


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2013 DrivingSales Executive Summit Speakers, Dealer Best Idea Contest, and Innovation Cup Applications Open

Speakers/presentations reviewed and selected by auto dealers; Speakers deadline June 14th; DrivingSales Innovation Cup deadline June 28th; DrivingSales Best Idea Contest deadline July 12th

Salt Lake City – May 21st, 2013 – The fifth annual DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) is now accepting applications for speakers and presentations, as well as for its coveted Dealer Best Idea Contest…


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Selling in the Service Drive with a Twist

It’s not a new idea to have one of your salespeople working the service drive. Opportunities and circumstances exist where it may be beneficial for the customer to trade-in their car that needs to be repaired. Having someone who can not only identify those opportunities but who also knows how to present it to the customer properly is rare.


That being said,…


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The Loyalty Playbook

Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters, Justin Bieber has his Beliebers, Kiss has their Kiss Army, and your dealership has ______? Where are your fans? Musicians focus their marketingon connecting with fans, that’s nothing new, but that approach is grounded in solid business sense. A 2010 Satmetrix study found that evangelists or fans, spend 13% more than the average customer, and they refer business equal to 45% of the money they…


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Post Inventory the Right Way to Facebook

Cutter Chevrolet Rabbit

Here’s the sad truth about the way that most dealers are posting their inventory to Facebook. It’s not getting seen. None of it. Not at all.

Currently, there are three primary ways that dealers are posting their inventory to Facebook. The most common method is to have a tab on their Facebook page with their inventory. This doesn’t work. The…


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NCM Institute wants to know: Do Record Profits Threaten Shaky Fundamentals ?


A quick look at the current state of auto retailing would suggest that things are good. Tough times (and a couple of notable bankruptcies) have thinned dealer ranks. Although pressures are mounting, the manufacturers are still demonstrating discipline around production volumes. Most importantly, customers are returning to showrooms.

Add all factors together and the result is that volumes and margins on both new and pre-owned vehicles are strong. So strong, in fact, that many…


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Defending One's Position

 Attacking an issue is one’s way of defending their position. Personal attacks and deception are one’s way of attacking when one is uncertain of their position.

Let us remember as these issues unfold and we confront these important issues who the culprits are and keep a professional and objective approach in how we react .



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Businesses Should Always Have the Last Word Especially on Facebook

Responding to people on Facebook Businesses Should Always Have the Last Word Especially on Facebook

Our business culture has always been to let the customer have the last word, they are always right after all and although some of this way of doing business can still work; it doesn’t on…


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There Are Only 86,400 Seconds In A Day-Don't Waste Them.

The importance of time is something that we must never take for granted.  As we know the time that we have here on Earth is limited and it's imperative that we don't look back over our life when we get older and say "I wish I had of."  I remember like it was yesterday a speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford when he said that we must live everyday like it's our…


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Automotive Sales Training -Five Tips for Beginning Sales People

1. Educate Yourself

Don’t wait for managers or anyone else to give you the sales education you need. Unfortunately, the automobile industry has been stuck for years in a, “Throw them in and see if they can swim mentality.” Some dealerships take new recruits to a meeting room and have them watch training tapes for a day and expect them to be trained. Neither of these options will increase your odds for success.


Begin a massive self-education program that will…


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