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Rusty makes a trip to the fair.

Rusty...One of our Top Salesmen comes out to the fair.

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Traveling Showroom Friday June, 22nd

Me and the Magic Bus.

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Will Dealer Group Portal Websites Trigger SEO Penalties From Google?

I received a call yesterday from a Dealer that was negatively impacted by the Google Penguin update.  Their organic search traffic is down about 25% and they asked me to take a look at their Analytics and Webmaster Tools.


The frustrating part is that their marketing and "SEO Company" deleted the message inside of Webmaster Tools alerting the dealer that Google had some concerns about the linking strategy used by the dealership.  So without a specific message to go on, I…


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Top Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: June 18 - 22

The most trusted name in live chat brings the top ten blog posts, trends and auto news stories right to you! We monitor industry trends, current events and the auto dealer community every week to bring you the top blogs and automotive stories from around the globe. This weekly edition – driverless cars, a foolproof blog formula, and AutoTrader goes…


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Auto Dealer Live with Matt Lasco from Lasco Ford and Bobby Comp

Auto Dealer Live click below to listen.


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NADA University MarketINSIGHT Webinar

Join Kendall Billman, Vice President of Interactive Marketing at VinSolutions, for his MarketINSIGHT Webinar hosted by NADA University. Learn what happens behind the scenes of a dealership website. Knowing what and how your consumers search will give you powerful insight…


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Is Auto Trader as effective as they used to be?

Hello Dealer Elite Members......

It looks like Auto Trader needs money much like Facebook did a while ago, and you know how that has gone so far!

As I travel around the country ans work with dealers on maximizing leads, traffic and driving more sales I have noticed more and more that dealerships are looking for "FREE" or low cost ways to promote their vehicles. Sites like Craigs's List and kijiji (Ebay), are currently changing the online marketing…


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Hard Selling VS. Soft Selling: Which Tactic Should You Use?

Hard Selling VS. Soft Selling: Which Tactic Should You Use?          

Read Potratz's latest blog by Felicia Mahabeer as she talks all about different types of selling methods you can use while interacting with potential customers.

What Approach Do You Use?

Have you ever been out shopping and had the salesperson ask you,…


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Facebook Lets You Pay Your Way To A Better EdgeRank

Facebook’s EdgeRank is the elusive, mystical formula that calculates whether your story is interesting enough to be featured on your friends’ newsfeeds. One site compared the EdgeRank to a credit history: It’s important, unique to each user, invisible, and no one knows exactly how it works. Mathematically stated, the EdgeRank…


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Mr. Natural reports from on the road in the Midwest

I have noticed of late that some of us are using dE to blatently use our blog for advertising our product or service. It's nothing to be ashamed of, we all have sales rushing through our blood, and almost can't help ourselves. I understand.

I certainly have something to sell...myself, my ideas, my approach. Writing, talking, sharing photos and videos, and then hearing what you guys have to say...well, this is very important. To know that you all are listening is important to me. Like…


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On site at the Western Illinois Fair

Open this post to see photos

I took a video, but due to a marginal internet connection, I have been having troubles uploading it. Perhaps tomorrow.

I took a bunch of still photos with my phone and sent them to myself, so I'll be able to share them with you here.

We are at the 124th Western Illinois Fair, and there is no doubt that we're here in the heartland proper. It was hot…


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How to get off the sidelines and into the game

I have often said that "where we want to be is in direct proportion to what we do with where we are now".  This statement in my personal life and career has proven to be so…


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Where have all the good managers gone?

A lot of dealerships think they are saving money by taking a good sales rep and making him/her a manager and not training them . The pay plans have shrunk for managers over the past year as well . The idea of paying people less and expecting more is a bad choice ranging from managers to internet people . 

 A planed sales training meeting  should be done every day . Very few meetings have the hooting , clapping and hollering any more compared to years ago…


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IPD's In Motion for June 20

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Be a Guest on Auto Dealer Live

Do you want to be heard? You can be apart of  the fastest growing Radio show on all of the world wide web. Auto Dealer Live reaches hundreds of dealers every week. Want to be part of the next big thing?Send us an email or text us with your name & dealership. Or give us a call if you would like to be…


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If You Can't Sell Yourself, then....

...you know how this one ends.


It can be lumped into the category of cliches that you're tired of hearing along with "If you don't love yourself, you can expect someone to love you." and "The grass is always greener on the other side."


Not only is the "If you can't sell yourself, then you can be expected to sell a product" a cliche, but it's also true on more than one level.


Of course, selling anything from a car to a premium iced coffee is…


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Black Book Used Car Pricing Trends For Week of June 18, 2012

Following is the latest Black Book pricing data on the used-car market. Additional analysis and chart information can be found here.

It was an interesting week regarding the market values. Sure the softening trend continued. The car segments were overall at very close to the level of the previous 4 weeks, at -$31 this past week. The lone increasing segment in the cars was the Premium Sporty Cars (PSC) at…


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The Importance of Social Business

As a Social Media Specialist, I’ve been asked many times before what is it that I do and how I do it. I simply reply, I write, because social media is far too complex to describe in one sitting. New sites are popping up everyday, like Bo.lt, a website that is supposed to be better than Pinterest (crazy, right?), and new trends are always rising. Which means it is my sole purpose to research industry trends and analyze current social business data available to…


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