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Take Control of Your Customer Experience By Breaking Down Your Data Silos

One of the biggest hurdles dealerships face when attempting to create a personalized experience for every customer is breaking down their data silos. Data silos are common in virtually every auto dealership today. They…


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Are Your Phone Lines Hacker-Proof?

You know to protect your dealership computer system from hackers, but what about your phone system? Phone hacking is common and often overlooked until you get hit with fraudulent charges. According to the Communications Fraud Control Association, phone fraud costs companies over $4 billion each year. The majority of that cost is due to toll fraud;…


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Change Your Words, Change Your Results

Eighty-six percent of car shoppers conduct online research before deciding to visit a local dealership, according to research from digital marketing agency Adtaxi.



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Influencer Marketing: You Don’t Need an Instagram Model

The hottest thing in social media marketing right now is influencer marketing. Businesses continually leverage celebrities to gain exposure and attention. Think about all the dealerships that hire famous athletes, or a YouTube celebrity, to help draw a crowd to their dealership. Sure, it works. That’s why businesses do it. But do they always attract the right…


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It’s a WAR out there—3 Problems that Local Search Group Solves for Automotive Retailers

The automotive retail industry is competitive. It’s a war out there and you have to know what your agency can do for you. Three things you know you’re getting when you work with Local Search Group follow—starting with the idea that we can help you win the battles…


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3 Most-Awaited Upcoming Cars in India

Manufacturers around the world and from the country are once again set to shine the market with new launches and revamped models in 2019. From the debutants to pristine brands launching new cars, Indian customers have many choices to choose from. We have three upcoming cars in India fulfilling buyer’s expectation from style to safety.…


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How to network effectively

Strong, professional networking skills areone of the most useful tools you can develop for business growth. A successful network requires a mutual understanding about what you can do for your contact and what the contact can do for you.

Professional a networking can be a daunting venture, even people with naturally outgoing personalities can find themselves feeling awkward or shy at networking events.

The public…


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F&I Product Offerings Designed to Help Dealers Educate Customers

Protective Asset Protection, a provider of F&I programs, services and dealer owned warranty company programs, continues to ensure its F&I product offerings meet the needs of dealers selling plugin, electric vehicles…


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Several Brands Offer Discounts on SUV Leases, Nissan Offers Attractive Lease Deals on Several of Their Vehicles, the nation’s first online car lease marketplace for new lease deals, reports the latest update on new lease offerings for the month of July.  Several automotive brands offered discounts on SUV’s entering the month of July, with Nissan offering enticing deals to shoppers on a variety of vehicles.

The Nissan Sentra is currently priced the lowest…


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Plan to Improve

Most people are so involved with activities of the day there is no time left for any sort of action plan to improve the results in the future. You might’ve set sales growth goals and even watch progress daily to see how you’re performing. To me, the best…


Added by Rob Gehring on July 26, 2019 at 3:29pm — No Comments

Don’t be Generic in Your Video Marketing

Today's consumers want marketing that is personalized to them. In the past, marketing has always been about broadcasting the same message to everyone. Attempting to catch as many "fish" as possible. That strategy no longer works in today’s modern world of consumer shopping behavior.


To truly capture a customer’s attention and win their…


Added by Timmy D. James on July 26, 2019 at 10:30am — No Comments

Omnichannel Service Marketing Yields Better Results

Dealerships aren't always the first place that vehicle owners think of when it's time for service. According to the Cox 2017 Car Buying Journey study, 23% of new vehicle owners and 53% of used vehicle owners did not return for service to the dealership where they purchased the vehicle.


To retain more of their sold customers, dealers are…


Added by Scot Eisenfelder on July 26, 2019 at 9:54am — No Comments

Display vs Search

In this video blog, Jim Flint, CEO, and Founder of Local Search Group discusses two trends - display ad spending and search ad spending – and why today’s technological shifts may help drive your resource allocations.

Added by Jim Flint on July 26, 2019 at 6:00am — No Comments

Stuck for Website Content Ideas? Try This!


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2019 Women's Car Buying Report: Key Takeaways To Maximize Sales And Service With Female Customers

According to the 2019 Women’s Car Buying Report* by, female buyers account for 45% of new car purchases. In 2018, that translated into 7.74 million new vehicles bought by women. And in addition to…


Added by Jessica Roberts on July 25, 2019 at 9:52am — No Comments

Top Ten Digital Retailing Content Pieces for Automotive Executives

Let’s cut to the chase. Digital Retailing is the next wave in the evolution of automotive marketing. If you want to get up to speed faster than your competition take to the fast track below for my Top Ten list of Digital Retailing articles. 



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Nissan LEAF 2018 vs. Chevrolet Bolt 2018

The Nissan LEAF is considered the pioneer of electric cars in North America, which arrived on the market in 2011. Seven years later, we are entitled to the second generation of the LEAF. This model must today face a competition much more present while several new electric cars have emerged in recent years. We think in particular of the Volkswagen e-Golf or the Hyundai IONIQ. Then there is also the Chevrolet Bolt. Introduced at the 2015 International Auto Show in Detroit as a concept and its…


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4 Tips for Texting Success

Text messaging is the most popular data service in the world. It’s quick, easy and effective. The open rate for texts is a sky-high 98 percent, while email open rates hover at only 20 percent.


The average person looks at their mobile phone 150 times a day. It’s no wonder more than 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes…


Added by Bill Wittenmyer on July 24, 2019 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

3 Danger Signs Your Phones are Letting You Down

I often meet with auto dealers of all sizes across the U.S., and what I’ve seen is that very few realize how many opportunities they are missing due to unhealthy phone systems. Various research has shown that calls outpace internet leads by as much as 4:1 due to mobile devices and click-to-call buttons, but many of those calls go…


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7 Key Aspects of Attitude

Dave Anderson's 10 ACCREDITED traits are designed to help you develop more killer instinct and mental toughness, and in this episode he introduces the first of these traits: Attitude. Use the 7 key aspects Dave shares to take an honest assessment of your daily attitude, and reflect on what you can improve so you can develop more killer instinct and mental toughness - and spend more of your days in game changer mode as a result. Listen to it today on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play,…


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The Importance of Understanding Marketing

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Google Ads Conversion Tools

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Face and Fix These Four Excuses

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Face and Fix These Four Excuses

Excuses are common amongst underachievers, and when you're trying to live the game changer life,…See More
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Swapalease Data: Are Crossovers Not in Demand for Leasing?

Crossovers Not Seeing Growth in Leasing?A year ago, roughly 7.4% of drivers polled said they would…See More
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Google Ads Two Changes for Display

In this video blog, Jim Flint, CEO, and Founder of Local Search Group discusses two changes you…See More
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How to Compare Car Insurance Policies

What is Car Insurance?A car insurance is the policy that covers one’s car against all kinds of…See More
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The Key to Long Term Success in Sales

Account Manager Mike Correra shares the key to a dealership's long term sales success in this video blog.
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Reasons to Sell Your Dead Car to Car Removal Companies

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Hard skills Vs soft skills or hard skills and soft skills- which is optimal?

Soft skills and training programs for the same seem to be hogging the limelight in recent times.…See More
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The Perks of Using Armored Cars & Bulletproof Vehicles

Security is a prime concern for every human being. When it comes to security, then people do not…See More
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