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The $1,300 oil change

Today let's take a look at our operations and get ready for an upcoming record year! Don't forget the dealership with the best fixed operations will always win!


The $1,300 oil change


A few years ago I was at an account of mine, working in the…


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What’s Exceptional About Your Dealership? Share THAT with Women Buyers

Last time, we discussed not selling cars like they are “power tools” in your advertising. You know, “the best this, the best that”— it is so cliché and it doesn’t resonate with women. Here are four recommendations to ensure that your sales approach doesn’t fall into the “power tool sales” category, but rather, speaks to women about what’s important to them:…


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Don't Blame it On Your ISP: Why Your Slow Internet May Not Be Slow At All

"This Internet connection is too fast!" said No One Ever. In fact, 'slow Internet' is one of the top employee frustrations, according to a recent study by Deloitte. Is there anything worse than arriving at work, all motivated to tackle an important work project, only to discover the Internet is down? Slow Internet can be detrimental to your dealership's productivity, profitability and employee morale.


Sometimes the problem does lie with your ISP. But in many cases, a slow…


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This Week in Social Media

News for the Week of November 16

Pinterest Visual Search Launched

Pinterest lovers, rejoice!  The new visual search has launched, which means users can now search for items that appear in pins simply by tapping the built-in search tool and zooming in on objects of…


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Features You Receive From PapersNetwork

PapersNetwork is a reputable academic writing agency in the field of academic writing. Hardly surprising buyers who are in need of help seek assistance from this company.

Purchasers can get any kind of writing help here and it will be accomplished. Many students find it hard to compose theses, term papers, research papers, admission essays, reports on their own. PapersNetwork can cope customer's writing needs.

Students often feel proofreading and editing is time-consuming.…


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Are You Tired of the Same Results in Auto Sales?

How true is that old saying, “If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got?”

Unless you want to stay locked in a world of mediocre success for the rest of your career, you need to change the way that you approach auto sales. If you are only selling 10 to 12 cars per month, you are not as successful as you can be! Hopefully…


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Educated Consumers are Empowered Customers

Knowledge is Power

Today’s consumers are more educated than ever, and that plays an enormous role in how they interact with your dealership and what they expect when they set foot onto your showroom floor. It’s important your dealers are prepared to interact with a generation that has access to endless information online and prefers utilizing it by researching their options…


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Dealers Must Streamline their Retail Process to Meet Consumer Need

Today’s consumers dictate the customer experiences they want and brands are listening. Think about Amazon. You can literally tweet your order to them and it will be at your house in 2 days. In some markets, they’ll deliver your order in an hour. Why has Amazon become the behemoth that it is today? Because it has leveraged technology to create the most efficient…


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Navigating SEO – Creating Value: It’s What SEO is All About

Creating Value with SEO

If you follow the SEO industry, you'll know that there's a constant debate about whether or not the practice is really "SEO" (search engine optimization) anymore. Because for the most part, it's not. Sure we still do on-page optimization that helps create search-friendly pages, but that's only one small part of what most SEO companies provide moving into 2016.

Instead, most of what Wikimotive does as an…


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Earning the Trust of Used-Car Shoppers

Why Used is Better than New 

According to Santander Consumer USA, used cars are expected to outsell new cars nearly 2 to 1 this year, making it more important than ever for dealerships and sales professionals to understand what’s driving this trend and…


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Eating Chicken and Drinking Beer

Don't Let Your Leisure Activities Become Your Motivation

We all love to take time to relax, eat chicken wings, and drink beer, but is that your motivation? Your goal? Your highlight? This week on Think Tank Tuesday, learn what you need to focus on to become a more successful individual, and it’s not eating chicken wings and drinking beer.…


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A NEW BREED OF CAR LEASE SHOPPER MAY BE PROPPING UP LEASE CREDIT APPROVALS, the nation’s largest car lease marketplace, reports lease credit approvals slipped to 75.0%, down slightly from the 80.0% mark reached entering October. Even with the change, the approvals rate on the year actually improved to 72.4%, a healthy mark for credit approvals.

Over the last three months, the lease credit approvals rate has been among the highest has ever seen at 80.4%. In fact, executives weren’t shocked to see the rate slip…


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Cars and Trucks Depreciation Rate Increases Year-Over-Year

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full report.


The Black Book Market Insights report this week looks at the continuing impact late-year seasonality is having across all car and truck segments. What’s more, the report offers front-line insight from remarketing…


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Loyalty: Why Silence is the Enemy

In the automotive industry, hundreds of customers pass through dealerships on a daily basis. Each of these customers will interact with dealership staff multiple times during their visit - whether they’re there to buy a car, or for a simple oil change. It’s very easy to function as an organization with a focus on efficiency - how quickly can you complete a…


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Help One Of Our Own. Internet Sales Consultant, Jeff Cormier Tragically Lost His 6 Year Old Son & We Are Trying To Help... 856-546-2440 #IS20G 8

Help One Of Our Own. Internet Sales Consultant, Jeff Cormier Tragically Lost His 6 Year Old Son & We Are Trying To Help...

I have personally gotten to know Jeff and become friends with him. He is an…


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According to Black Book® data, the average price of a used vehicle for model years 2010-2014 declined -2.6% during October, a significant increase from the -1.5% pace during September. Cars declined -3.3% while trucks declined just -2.0% during the month. Average pre-recession annual depreciation was continually recorded between -15% and -18%, and Black Book expects 2015 depreciation near -13.0%.

Cargo mini vans led all vehicle segments with the highest depreciation on the month…


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Auto/Mate Announces Open/Mate Integration with Kaarma, Streamlining Service Payments and Communications

Albany, N.Y. – November 16th, 2015 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems ( announced today that Kaarma has completed integration with Auto/Mate's Dealership Management System (DMS). Auto/Mate's Fixed Ops Suite in its DMS now seamlessly integrates and sends customer payment and communications records to Kaarma's service applications.


"Auto/Mate makes it…


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Fire Yourself!

I was listening to a sales coach recently and he said something that really intrigued me. He said, “If you want to know the best way to stay fresh and hungry in sales, try firing yourself at the end of every month, and then re-hire yourself on the first day of every month. Tell yourself that you are in a new job on the 1st day of every month and you only have 1 month to prove that you are worth keeping!”

That’s one way to keep you fresh! The fear of no longer having a job will…


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Data Mining 101

Utilize your brand advocates

Why spend money on acquiring new customers when the cost is so much higher than the retention rate? What you should be talking about in your dealership is data mining. On this week’s Hard Facts, Samantha covers how to get down and dirty when it comes mining your database.…


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The Cross-Device Shopping Journey: Part II

Bridging the Cross-Device Gap

For consumers, the car shopping journey has morphed into an online, cross-device journey. Now that you’re able to appeal to consumers who are taking the cross-device journey to purchase their vehicles, it’s important to continue that momentum by bridging the gap and pulling more consumers into your dealership. As discussed in Part I, it’s…


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