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Believe It Or Not, Consumers Want To See Your Ads

Today, most people have the perception that marketing is intrusive, right? Pop ups, banner ads, commercials, e-mail campaigns and junk mail are routinely considered annoying. Well, if this is what you think, you could be wrong. In fact, according to…


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The Cross-Device Shopping Journey: Part I

Smartphones and Tablets and Laptops, Oh My!

A Virtual Experience

A car shopping journey isn’t simple anymore, and consumers are using more devices and types of technology than ever to make their purchases. That means dealerships are striving to create the best cross-channel experiences for their consumers.

For consumers on car-buying journeys, devices and…


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The Future of the Automotive Industry: How will consumers buy their flying cars?

flying cars

The Future of the Automotive Industry: How will consumers buy their flying cars?

Well, it’s 2015, and despite the Jetsons’ promises- I don’t have my flying car yet. I mean technically the show was set in 2062, so we at least have a few years left to hope. Flying cars or not, the automotive industry is…


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Four Questions You Need To Ask Candidates During the Hiring Process For Your Car Dealership

Traditional hiring processes in the automotive industry are based on finding someone with past experience in the business. The types of questions you ask would normally have to do with past results and the candidate's reasons for leaving their last employer. In today’s Dealerships, especially for Salespeople, finding someone with previous…


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Join The Dark Side of Mobile

More than fifty percent of car shoppers are viewing dealership websites with their mobile devices, so having a mobile marketing strategy to connect with them is not only recommended, but critical for future survival. The benefits of "going mobile" are many and well documented, including the ability to make relevant offers to a specific target market, and the ability to…


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This Week in Social Media

News for the Week of November 9

Buyable Pins for Android

While iPhone and iPad users have been enjoying buyable pins, the feature is now being offered to Android users. Pinterest lovers can now shop directly from the app and choose from over 60 million…


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How to Balance Dealership Needs with Your OEM

As a dealership, you are constantly pulled in different directions regarding your customer experience – from your regional marketing association, corporate brand, or your internal marketing teams. If you’re also working with a marketing agency (or agencies), things can get complicated.

Your OEM provides you with sales and marketing materials that help you succeed, all with…


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A Passion For Customer Care

A Passion For Customer Care

Imagine if everyone on your service team was known for having a passion for customer care. They would make the customer feel appreciated from the moment they had arrived to the time they exit the dealership. The team would understand every customer’s concern and the detail required to fix their vehicle correctly on the first visit. They would place a great…


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Content Marketing: Is It Better to Keep It or Give It Away?

Regardless of what industry you are in, your audience is seeking information and it’s in your best interest to be the place that provides it for them. High-quality educational content has many great benefits.


However, is it better to keep the content on your site, or push the content to other sites in an effort to get…


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Navigating SEO: What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About SEO

What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About SEO

Navigating SEO is a syndicated blog series by Timothy Martell, CEO of Wikimotive. In this series, Tim breaks down ways car dealers and other local businesses can improve their SEO, offering insight into how it will benefit business. This week's column was written by Wikimotive's Mark…


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Trucks Experienced Largest Declines Seen This

Welcome to this week's edition of Black Book Market Insights, with in-depth analysis of used car and truck valuation trends and insights straight from the auction lanes. Click here to download the full report.


The Black Book Market Insights report this week shows the heavy late-year seasonal toll being felt by many car and truck segments. In fact, trucks fell by approximately -0.80%, among the largest single-week declines felt all…


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Black Book announces it is now providing the vehicle appraisal data for AutoNation Express, the online car shopping and purchasing destination for AutoNation stores throughout the U.S. The partnership allows AutoNation to provide a more seamless car shopping experience with transparency in mind for consumers.

Under terms of the agreement, car shoppers visiting any of AutoNation’s 300+ stores around the country receive an accurate trade appraisal for their vehicle when shopping for…


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This sounds crazy coming from me

I'm Going to Tell You What S.O.S. Means for Your Business

S.O.S: for dealers, it doesn't mean what you think it does! This week on Think Tank Tuesday find out how much S.O.S is costing your business and what you can do to avoid it!

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Mobile Takeover: Always Connected

Stay Connected to Your Consumers

Are you mobile?

The mobile industry is not just booming; it’s taking over completely.

  • 90% of smartphone users are online via their smartphone.…

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Are You Listening to Your Customer?

How do you communicate with your customers? Social Media must be a large part of this, as it reaches customers where they are and is becoming a regular segment of the advertising budget (and growing with each quarter).

But is it effective?…


Added by Aimi Gundersen on November 10, 2015 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Maximizing Your Reach

Who wants to sell more cars?

Silly question hey! So what are the ways we can actually make it happen?

There are 2 ways…

1. Increase Our Closing Ratios

2. Increase the Amount of Customers We Speak To 

Hopefully these tips help you do number 1 better, but how can you as a salesperson increase the amount of customers you speak to this month?

Today, I am going to be talking about Maximizing Your Reach. By…


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Showrooming: Is it Affecting Your Dealership?

What Is Showrooming? 

Showrooming, according to, is purchasing an item online, or elsewhere, after looking at and inspecting the item in-store.

In other words, consumers will come into your dealership to look at and test out features, services,…


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Auto/Mate Receives a “Best Places to Work” Award from the Albany Business Review Six Years Running

Albany, N.Y. – November 9th, 2015 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems ( announced today that it has been named a “Best Places to Work” in New York State’s Capital region by the Albany Business Review. Auto/Mate was one of nine companies honored in the medium-large category (companies with 50 to 149…


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Underpromise and Overdeliver: How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Auto Sales

In order to be successful in today’s extremely competitive Retail Automotive Industry, Customers need to feel more than just satisfied with their experience in your Dealership; their satisfaction needs to exceed their expectations if you want to maintain and/or grow a thriving dealership. 

No matter what the business, customers will have a minimum…


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The Lowest Hanging Fruit for Revenue Doesn’t Want to Buy a Car

There is a group of people that seems to sit in limbo when it comes to dealership marketing messages, especially when it comes to service. This group of people tend to have cars in the 2-year old range. Yes, they’re probably getting the dealer’s random e-mail messages with service coupons. But, this is also the time when these vehicle owners may have to start shelling out…


Added by Mike Gorun on November 9, 2015 at 7:30am — 1 Comment

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