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Stimulate More Interest in Your New and Used Cars | KPI Cafe Season 3 Bonus 2

Host Dane Saville dives into the details for creating diverse new and used car campaigns for your dealership's paid Facebook strategy.

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Picture "PP"erfect

Welcome back to our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success! We’ve been taking a close look into the sales process of my good friend, Mr. Ali Reda! You see, we’ve been working on a new program - one…


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More Social Marketing

In last week’s video from the series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success, we began to learn more about using your social network to market your business. You see, working with Carlos has not only been a…


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Social Marketing

In our video series Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success, we’ve been exploring every bit of a process that we want to use to help you accomplish your dreams and goals. It worked for Ali, it’s working for…


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Enhance Your Market Clarity

Here we are again with the video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. We’ve been learning all about the social world for the last few weeks - uncovering the possibilities that lie right there…


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How Your Dealership Can Have Social Media Mania, Brother! | KPI Cafe Season 3 Episode 3

Host Dane Saville conjures up the power of Hulkamania to talk about a remarkable paid social media strategy that speaks to varied audiences with tailored ads and messaging.

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Who’s Got Next?

In a race to bring leads to dealerships, Facebook and Google – via YouTube, too—are next into the leads space.

On the surface, it’s more or less the right thing to do. Until you go below the surface--where it’s a fast track to competing and swimming with Autotrader, CarGurus, and…


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Some Smart Dealers Say the Darndest Things by Richard Keeney

First, I’ll preface by saying I have great admiration for managers, upper management and dealers.  They are usually very intelligent, courageous, and have worked hard all of their lives.  They are usually great stewards of the money and got where they are making a lot more good decisions than bad.  Read further…


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Outbound Calls

It’s that time of year when many dealerships struggle to keep repair order count high. My favorite way to build repair order counts is to perform outbound calls with open safety campaigns. If this is a daily exercise repair order growth never seems to be a struggle and customer retention is never a concern. During a recent…


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Top Performing Dealerships Using Intelligent Social | KPI Cafe Season 3 Bonus 4

Due to a technical error, we had to delete and repost the latest KPI Cafe -- but it's back!

Host Dane Saville brings back Reunion Marketing's CEO Dave Spannhake to share the results (CPC, CTR) of dealerships using the Intelligent Social approach, which is a strategy built on these three pillars: ad…


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You Are Not Amazon, Apple, or Google! Part 2

"Back to the Future" is a fantastic film franchise. I'm just going to put my bias for it right out there from the get-go. I’m not sure about you, but I am particularly fond of 1980s science fiction movies. The 1985 classic was visionary, and the sequel where they go 30 years into the future is shockingly accurate with its technology predictions. It predicted…


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Auto Groups Overlook $230K Per Store in Used-Car Service Opportunities [PRESS RELEASE]

Study reveals that auto groups could significantly increase customer pay revenue by marketing to used off make buyers who purchase from sister stores

Chicago, IL—December 3, 2019— As auto groups continue to ramp up used-car sales in response to consumer demand and shrinking new vehicle margins, they are overlooking opportunities to service a significant percentage of their used car buyers, according to Affinitiv’s…


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The Awareness Piece

In our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success, we’ve been hearing about all the things that shaped and grew the business model of Mr. Ali Reda. We’ve heard about Carlos, the five pillars of high…


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Flick Fusion Introduces Dynamic Marketing Videos (DMVs) for Auto Dealers

New platform offers cost-effective, fast solution for creating videos that promote auto manufacturers’ incentives

Urbandale, IA—December 2, 2019—Flick Fusion introduces Dynamic Marketing Videos (DMVs) for auto dealerships, greatly reducing the time and expense associated with creating marketing videos that promote manufacturers’ incentives. The DMV platform allows…


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Auto/Mate Integrates Dealership Management System (DMS) with Storm Kiosks Inc.’s Express Service Kiosks

Albany, N.Y. – December 2, 2019 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced today it has successfully completed all dealership management system (DMS) integrations with Storm Kiosks Inc., the industry’s leading supplier of automotive express service kiosks for auto dealership service departments. Auto/Mate’s DMS customers can now seamlessly access and monitor kiosk activity including drop offs, pick-ups, promotional…


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Is Mobile Service the Answer to Higher Recall Completion Rates?

Recall completion percentages have been increasing, but despite increased communication attempts, that increase is hitting a plateau.


A recent trend reveals that many vehicle owners are very interested in mobile services. Currently, the percentage of independent repair shops that offer mobile services dramatically outweighs franchised dealers.…


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Why Servicing Your Car Timely,Is An Important Thing To Marked In a Calendar

A car is similar to any other machine that requires regular maintenance. The cars are getting more complicated these days with more complex operations thus; the care they require is also more complicated. A less-maintained car experience untimely break down in the middle of the drive, hence, in that situation, one can call for the service in towing in Lynchburg,…


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