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New Fuel Economy Labels Help Car Buyers make a better Decision on Buying.

Weighing the high prices of gasoline and the public’s growing concerns about global warming, air pollutants and environmental health hazards, it’s not a surprise that fuel economy is playing a larger role on people buying a car.

To help car buyers make a more informed decision about the cars they buy, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designed a new window sticker full of information about fuel economy. This sticker is on all new cars, light trucks and sport utility…


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A Guide to Year End Car Sales

 The end of the year can be a very exciting time for people who are interested in the car industry. The weather gets colder, convention centers are getting ready for the big auto shows and fresh models our coming out from behind the scenes. While new cars are coming into the spotlight, last year’s models are being forgotten about.

What does this mean to you as a new…


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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars.

Fuel cell cars have the potential to reduce the demand for foreign oil and lower the harmful effects it has on our climate. Fuel cell cars run on hydrogen rather than gas and their exhaust doesn’t put out any harmful fumes, just water and heat. A lot of challenges will have to be overcome before these vehicles can compete with hybrids technology and regular gasoline…


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Ford Is Taking Order’s for the $40k Electric Focus!

Ford has opened their ordering books on its first ever electric car.


The Focus Electric is priced at $39,995, the same as the Chevrolet Volt plug in hybrid and $3,945 more than its closest competitor, the Nissan Leaf. All three cars are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit and various state incentives available towards purchase of an electric car.


The Focus range has not yet been revealed. Ford has previously said that it would be competitive with the…


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Eco Friendly Speed Boat the Guardian S Class

The Guardian S Class is the world’s first carbon neutral speed boat. The carbon fibre guardian is a 45 knot solar hybrid vessel powered by an EPA car regulated Mercedes Benz bluetec engine connected to a carbon-Grossbautelie electric motor. When combined with other available technology the fuel consumption and GHG emissions are 50 to 100% lower than any speed boat ever…


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2012 Volvo Plug-in Hybrid Diesel is not coming to the U.S

Unfortunately, the news from Volvo isn’t good for the U.S. It seems Executives at Volvo don’t think the U.S is ready for a plug-in diesel hybrid. Therefore we will get a gasoline-electric hybrid, but everyone else will receive the diesel-electric hybrid.

Volvo confirmed that the V60 Plug-in Hybrid will go on sale during 2012. The Hybrid made its debut earlier this…


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