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Where to Hire New Salespeople


One of the challenges that all Dealers and Managers face in this business is where to find the kind of people that will grow their business and advance their goals for success.  Finding the right people in such a competitive market as the retail automotive industry can be…


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Do You Have To Outrun the Grizzly Bear?

There’s an old story about two close friends who every weekend used to go out into the mountains near where they lived and hike trails and paths that weaved through the forest on the sides of the mountains.  They had done this for many years and it was a part of the week that they both looked forward to with great anticipation.  It was a great time for camaraderie and exercise, and an important part of their health regimen for staying in shape.

 One day,…


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Winners Say - Let’s Find Out

Being a Winner often involves taking chances and occasionally means stepping out where others are not willing to go.  Yet, central to your attitude in life, is a belief in one’s self.  Winners have confidence and believe they have as much right to succeed as anyone else.  They don’t look for it to be handed to them for free, but they do expect to achieve…


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Are You Coaching Your Team to Success?

If you are a Manager or Team leader in your Dealership, how do you handle the car sales training process?  Do you coach your team members on how to set goals and carry them through to success?  Does your team rely upon you for guidance and Sales Training?  Are you using a training curriculum that is proven to create maximum results from your Salespeople and is specifically designed for automotive sales…


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