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When Should You Speak During a Demonstration Drive?

The temptation to speak during the Demonstration Drive is something that is hard for many Salespeople to control.  Since it is just beyond the halfway point of a normal sales process, it is tempting to start applying pressure through things like Trial Closes or overselling the Customer on the features and benefits of the vehicle.  This method has long been a…


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Have you Reached your Comfort Zone?

Have you ever heard the statement that “Life begins outside of the comfort zone?”

The Comfort Zone is certainly a place that beckons us all at one time or another.  Resisting the allure of resting on past or current success is not that easy at times, and when we are doing okay and the pressure is off it can be easy to give in and put…


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The One Question That Always Costs You Gross

If you have been working in a car Dealership where everything is based on the number of units sold, you may not spend much time thinking about Gross.  If all the bonuses are paid for units sold, then you will do whatever you can to move the iron just to get to the bonus money.  If you are selling price alone it is hard to resist the temptation to sell to the Manager instead of the Customer, but…


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