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Dealer Chat Persuasion: Capture More Internet Sales

activengage dealer chat bubble In today’s tough automotive environment every website shopper is an opportunity to turn a browser into a buyer. Your website alone won’t do it. You need a way to put yourself between your website and your shoppers. It is sales 101 to put a product professional in place to explain your vehicles and the services you offer. You do it in your showroom now so you… Continue

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Boost Dealership Internet Sales This Month With These 7 Tips

dealership internet sales activengage This week I was thinking about what I would do if times were tough and I was still on the retail side of the business? What changes would I make in my Internet sales department? So, I decided to put together a list of seven easy to do things at your dealership that will absolutely have an impact on your Internet sales and productivity. This list is compiled to get you thinking… Continue

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Dealership chat solutions. What to consider and what to ask.

dealer chat solution ActivEngage Dealer chat is moving from the early adopter stage into the mainstream as more and more dealerships look for ways to increase internet sales and reduce costs to acquire new dealership customers. The dealership's website has the highest potential for increased results and should be the focus of your dealership if you are looking to boost your online internet sales. Here are five areas of concern and some good questions you might… Continue

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