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Top Reasons to Listen to your Service Calls

Customer service is extremely important. We get that. But one thing we might not notice, or suspect is that not everyone is good on the phones. In fact, some of your best Service Advisors could be the absolute worst on the phones! Just because you’re great in front of a customer doesn’t mean you have the skills necessary to replicate that via telephone. And…


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In the age of social media and Zoom, is the old-fashioned phone call outdated? If you’re in the auto sales business, absolutely not.

The humble telephone is still your most reliable source of auto buyer leads, whether you’re taking inbound calls from curious shoppers or reaching out to your call list. A well-trained and engaged sales rep…


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Life Widgets is a must have app for everyone - especially in Automotive!

One thing we often don’t think about is just how many businesses we interact with on a daily basis. Think about it, you order food from restaurants, you get your hair done at salons, travel around using Uber, book airfare & travel, and buy things online. But, to complete these tasks, you have to use several apps and visit multiple websites. And it’s in…


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Getting Back to the Basics....

More importantly, we have to ask ourselves why we’re continually having to “reset” when things aren’t going right. That is  not hitting sales objectives, low appointment set-rates, low appointment show-rates, low appointment sold-rates, as well as poor results in handling inbound calls or internet leads. The reset on the dealer level often includes…


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To GM or not to GM, that is the question....

Regardless of the business model, the dealership's business models have changed over time, with dealers introducing business development centers, exchange managers in sales, product consultants, and marketing managers, to name a few. On the other hand, the GM position is seldom addressed or evolved - a position that manages all departments at the dealer level…


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Really.... Another Vendor Pitch?

How many times have you been told by a vendor that your current efforts aren't cutting it? If you don't sign up for their product, you're not going to get the same results. To then go with their product -- having been sold a bag of goods only to be left with a mess putting you in a worse position you were previously. Not to mention, don't you think some vendors have been conditioned to our tactics of saying, "well, what are other (your OEM) dealers doing"? To which they, in most cases,…


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Workflows are Broken

If there's one thing we're obsessed with in our industry – it's our CRM workflows. We live and breathe by the workflow; everything from our daily reports, reviewing them multiple times a day and using them as the “benchmark” for success to judging people’s worth based on them. While I am a fan of having a historical reference of past performance metrics and believe it's essential to have consistency in follow-up and a score card, the fact is many CRM's workflows are flawed. Flawed to…


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Musical Positions

We sometimes wonder why the BDC is not performing like they used to be. At the same time, instead of acquiring new talent to fill a position or assist another department, we often shift them over instead. Sounds like a great idea, right? It means that we don't have to hire another position, and they have the skills needed for the job! But what we often don't consider is that it leaves an empty gap in the BDC. Or worse, if you leave the BD Agent in the BDC but have them off task, it lessens…


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