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Slideshare Content!

Content is the SEO method of choice in 2013. Spam and content spinning are way, way out, and original content that has value to the reader is in. It's not enough to just create the content though. Even if it's amazing and insightful, you still need to market your own content, at least a little bit, to get it off the ground. There are a lot of great ways to do this, and today we're…


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Free SEO Techniques Ebook!

SEO is one of the fasting moving fields there is, and you need to be willing and able to adapt just as quickly. Sure, it can be painful to abandon techniques that have worked well for you in the past, but it’s necessary if you want to prosper in the future. Don't sacrifice your Business's SEO for the sake of misplaced tradition.

Evolve and prosper,…


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Pinterest and Bing

Social media and search are again colliding, and for once, the news isn't about Google and Facebook. No, today's news is about the little brothers of search and social, the ones who aren't quite as successful but certainly give it there all. Let us here at Wikimotive tell you about it, and how it can affect your…


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Good SEO vs Great SEO

Let's forget for a moment that the overwhelming majority of SEO companies the average small business owner will encounter provide a service of no value whatsoever. Let's pretend that the majority of SEO providers are not outright scam artists. I'm only going to address the small percentage of us…


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Pagination of Content

Over the past couple years, the pagination of content has become a popular tactic. For those of you who don't keep up with asinine marketing terms, pagination in this context just means spreading your content out over multiple pages. This is usually done to increase views and lower bounce rates, both of which are great things for the advertisers on your…


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Microsoft Fails on Twitter

Adam Orth is one of the creative directors at Microsoft studios. He's not the top of the chain, but he IS important, and he should be aware that his words have weight. Unfortunately (for Microsoft and his own career) he performed a major faux pas on Twitter last night. Let's take a look at what he did and investigate how your …


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Reddit and Writing

In a world where content is next to cleanliness (and cleanliness is in fairly close proximity to godliness) it's fallen on a lot of digital marketers to start writing. For some of us, this hasn't been much of a chore. We delight in putting our thoughts down on the page and sending them out for (a very, very small portion of) the world to read. Other marketers aren't such big fans.…


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The Success of the Human Rights Campaign

Wikimotive Human Rights Campaign Map

Remember the Human Rights Campaign's pink equal sign that we wrote about last week? Well, it's died down a little, but it's still going pretty strong. It seemed nearly everyone on Facebook had at least one friend change their profile picture, but the evidence was anecdotal...until now. Facebook has released some interesting stats talking about the spread of the campaign, and…


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