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New Search Engine For U.S. Government

Everyone wants a more powerful search engine, and that includes the United States Government. As anyone who watched School House Rock knows, our law-making system can be fairly convoluted. That’s why this week the U.S. government is rolling out a new search engine to help the politically minded population research legislation being discussed in the House and…


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Facebook Developing Cross Domain Mobile Ad Network

Recently Facebook has made an announcement that they have begun developing and testing a mobile ad network. Interestingly they aren’t doing just an on-domain network, like they do now, where you can only buy ad space on Facebook. This ad network will be a real cross domain network. This new development could bring a whole new meaning to the phrase…


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Myspace Pushing For A Comeback

Facebook has become so entrenched as the social media leader, it’s difficult to imagine any new threats emerging…but what about old threats? What about long forgotten ancients, stirring from their slumber and rising from the sea to reclaim their throne? In the world of social media this may be happening right now.

What about Myspace?

Well, it turns out sexy isn’t…


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Retargeting: Improve Your Marketing Impact On Every Level Of The Funnel

Retargeting is the newest toy in the toy chest for digital marketing companies. The perceived ROI it brings is making it very popular and the trend has grown to the point that now even Facebook is getting in the game. So what exactly is retargeting and what are the…


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Apple Finally Prioritizes Facebook Integration With iOS6

Facebook and Apple are two of the most influential companies on the internet today, but they’ve never really worked well together. The fault falls mostly on Facebook. Their mobile application has been notoriously buggy and all the functionality it promised was never truly delivered. When Apple released iOS 5, everyone thought Facebook integration would be one of the main…


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Gerber Goes Viral

Running contests on social media is a risky proposition. It has to be just the right idea, and it has to be handled just the right way. Today, I want to take a look at one recent contest that has completely taken over marketing using…


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Twitter Announces User Experience Updates

On the TODAY show earlier this week Twitter SEO, Dick Costolo made a live appearance to announce updates to the Twitter experience. The changes will affect the look and feel of profiles both on Twitter.com and on their mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android. Twitter users will now have the option of a header-photo not unlike what you have on your Facebook profile. You…


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AdWords Has New Shared Budget Feature

Google just rolled out a new feature in their AdWords service: the shared budget. Basically, it’s exactly what you would think it is. It lets you create a single daily budget that is then shared by multiple campaigns in your AdWords account. The idea being that this will make it easier for businesses to optimize their AdWords accounts, enabling them to achieve higher …


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Do you have an Unfair Advantage?

We have big news for everyone in the automotive business. Our new book “Unfair Advantage; The World’s Leading Automotive Retail Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Give You the Upper Hand to Grow Your Business and Rev Up Your Profits TODAY!” is available on…


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Google Adds Another Fun Trick

Have you heard the theory that no one is more than six degrees of separation away from Kevin Bacon? Well, itʼs a pretty decent party game (if youʼre at a party with no booze or music) and itʼs been banging around the Internet in one form or another for a decade now. So why are we bothering to talk about it? Well, Google has yet another notch to scratch into its bedpost…


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Clay Nissan and the Colters Update

On August tenth of 2012, we wrote about the movement to Boycott Clay Nissan (you can read that article here.) As a quick refresher, a woman–named Jill Colter–was fired from her position as a service writer at Clay Nissan of Norwood. Jill has stage 4…


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Using Google Analytics Dashboard With Wordpress

One of the best parts of the new Google Analytics is the custom dashboards. This is something you should definitely start using to properly measure your SEO, PPC, Conversion Rates, and more. You can also make custom dashboards for WordPress blogs using a simple plugin called…


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Our Service For Google+ Sucks, So We're Throwing It Out

Recently, I called out a couple of vendors for selling a sub par product. I thought about it and decided that if my own services can’t stand up to that level of scrutiny, I have no business telling anyone else what they should do about their service. So over the weekend,…


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The Horrifying Truth About Reporting In The Automotive Community

Figures Lie, But Liars Didn't Figure on Wikimotive!

I nearly didn’t write this. The “lazy” Tim on my shoulder said, “Now Tim, you know what happens when you call people out and stand on your soap box! People will call you a self-righteous blowhard! They’ll accuse you of pandering! Don’t do it!” But this one literally kept me up…


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Looking For Blogging Inspiration

Blogging can be tough, especially when your marketing strategy has you posting every day. When you’re blogging for business posting everyday can be extremely beneficial but writers block starts to become a serious problem. So how do you makes sure that…


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Facebook Stopping Fake Likes

Have you ever looked at your Facebook page and wondered how many of your Likes were just worthless? With fake accounts and other padding running rampant, can you really be sure of how many people you’re really reaching? It’s hard to truly measure the impact of your…


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Vanity URLs On Google+ May Not Be Free

Earlier this month, Google (specifically Google+) started rolling out vanity URLs. Before the vanity URL, you were identified by a long numeric string, not exactly a great thing to throw on a business card. The new vanity names are…


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Bing Adds New Facebook Features To The Social Sidebar

So you’ve been searching for that hilarious photo your buddy put up on Facebook last week, or you can’t seem to find that one picture from his cookout last year but you know it’s there. Not to worry thanks to Bing we now have the ability to search for photos shared by your Facebook friends. For a while now Bing has been integrating Facebook into their…


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