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Set Your Facebook Username

A Facebook username is essentially your domain name on Facebook. For instance, ours is Facebook.com/Wikimotive. Much like your actual website domain name, your Facebook username is best when it is just your brand name. Snagging this username (and the accompanying vanity URL) is an important part of your …


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Boost Social Media With Your Employees

Small businesses, especially ones that operate locally or regionally, need to be on social media. I don’t think anyone disputes this anymore; it is so true that it has become axiomatic. The problem comes from businesses not knowing what to do once they’re on social media. We’ve published guides here and you can find hundreds (heck, probably thousands) of others…


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Using pay per click on your own brand

Most companies are paying to rank for some keywords, but many ignore their own brand name when setting up their pay per click (PPC) system. On the surface, this makes perfect sense. Why would you pay to rank for the one term you’re pretty much guaranteed results for? If your company name is fairly unique, you are going to be on the first page for a search of it, right?…


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Facebook IP Rights Myth

There is a privacy notice that seems to surface from time to time on Facebook, usually when a new security update is rolled-out.  I’ve been seeing it all over the place the last few days, and while it seems that most people are posting it just to be safe, others seem to believe that this will truly protect their content. Facebook users, especially businesses,…


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Co-occurrence Review

If you listen to the SEO experts, then you know that the industry is ALWAYS about to experience a significant shift. Usually this is just an algorithm update from Google, but sometimes it’s bigger than that. Sometimes, people predict changes that will truly alter the fundamental…


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Facebook Rage Sparked Over Lindsey Stone Arlington Nation Cemetary Photo

Over the last couple of days, a major controversy has been brewing regarding a specific Facebook post made by a woman by the name of Lindsey Stone, and the online reputation management  of the company that employs her. If you haven’t heard this story yet, no doubt you will soon find it hard to ignore. The controversy surrounding Lindsey started when she posted a picture of…


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New Guidelines For Bing Webmasters

Bing remains slightly inscrutable to many people. Due to Google’s overwhelming domination in the search engine market, Bing is often forgotten about entirely. Don’t let Microsoft’s brainchild remain a mystery to you though, because there is help! This week, Microsoft has (finally) released a list of Bing Webmaster Guidelines, “intended to help your content be found and…


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Scheduling social media--What to watch out for

Recently I wrote about scheduling your posts across blogs and social media. I maintain that you SHOULD still schedule if you are able, but in light of recent incidents, I think it’s important to add an addendum to this …


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Image SEO Basics

It’s common to spend so much time trying to get pages to rank that we overlook the images we use on said pages. Sometimes, it’s just as important for a …


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Can You Pay to Go Viral?

The value of having one of your videos go viral is hard to measure accurately but there’s no doubt it’s a huge boon for your brand. To get that kind of spread is hard to achieve though, you could make hundreds of videos all designed to go viral and get nowhere. On the other hand, you can make one video where your star accidentally injures himself and end up going viral overnight. The problem is that you rarely can fake it. The internet has a good nose for the authenticity and can smell…


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Can You Use Groupon For SEO?

Sometimes great SEO techniques aren’t invented, they are discovered accidentally. In that vein, today I want to take a look at a new linkbuilding technique for  local internet marketing that a few different experts have been kicking around lately. It may be a surprise, but the idea is focused entirely around Groupon.

Groupon is a company that…


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Foursquare Updates Expand Facebook Presence

Foursquare has quietly been making moves that will have a major impact on local businesses and . The service is already used to check in at a variety of places, and now their reach will be expanding.

The first new feature is the explore option for non-registered users, and the attached ratings update. Explore lets users search for specific kinds of businesses and…


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Facebook's Wi-Fi Access Program

Facebook is aggressively pursuing its goal of being completely ubiquitous. Every time it seems that they have started to plateau, they find a new spire to climb. The social network’s newest stunt is their most interesting yet, with wide-ranging implications for the future of public internet access, and for businesses…


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Should You Use a Ghostwriter For Your Blog?

Itʼs pretty much a universally known fact in the industry that blogging is a vital part of any search engine optimization strategy. Everyone understands you need a blog, the trouble comes from figuring out just who exactly is going to write it. Should you handle…


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Campaigns and Negative Matching

Well, it looks like Mitt Romney wasn’t able to knock out the incumbent Barack Obama. Whether this news makes you celebrate or despair, there are lessons to be learned from how both sides managed their internet marketing during the campaign. I’ve covered a few of them…


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SilkRoad Study: Social Media and The Workplace

How does your company handle the social media accounts of employees? In the past, it wasn’t really an issue, but every day it becomes more of a problem. Employers want to know about their employees, and employees want their personal lives to stay private. How do you navigate these muddy waters? It’s truly a challenge, one that is only going to become more arduous as time…


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Should You Schedule Your Social Media Posts?

People often times ask if they should schedule their social content posting when marketing with Twitter and Facebook. The short answer is yes, you should certainly schedule. For every industry, including automotive, there are times of day that see more activity…


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Being Cautious With The Google Disavow Links Tool

No matter how hard you try you can’t control who is going to link to your website. Every site out there is going to have a few unsavory links that they want to get rid of, it’s a reality of building a website. Since Google came out with their Penguin update people have been scrambling to try to clean up their link profiles and many are resorting to some pretty desperate measures. There are even stories of sites charging to remove their links in this link un-building panic. When combined with…


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