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Brief Red Bull Case Study

Marketing with Twitter and Facebook should be less about selling a product, and more about selling your brand. Some companies don’t understand this and that’s why they believe social media isn’t valuable, because when you only use it to showcase sales, it isn’t. Other brands have a firm grasp on…


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2013 Resolutions

Annnnd we’re back! I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, a happy Chanukah, and/or a pleasant other seasonal holiday. Now that we’re all back to work, I figured we could ease into things by thinking about the future, namely 2013. It’s only a week away, and this is the perfect time to take a look at your strategies for SEO, …


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World Didn't End...So What Now?

Like Y2K and Twilight: Breaking Dawn before it, the Mayan Apocalypse has thus far failed to bring about the end of the world. The solar flares didn’t fry us, the meteor didn’t send us the way of the dinosaurs, and Cthulhu remains slumbering his ancient slumber in the abyss. This surprising survival on the part of the human race has left many people asking, “What now?” Well, don’t…


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Foursquare Strikes Back Against Facebook

In light of recent developments, it seems that local Marketing Using Facebook is only going to keep gaining significance, so how can other services keep themselves relevant?

You may remember earlier this week, we wrote about Facebook announcing …


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Exactly Just How Much Does a Hipster Weigh?

The answer, of course, is an Instagram. Listen, I’m not going to tell you that’s a great joke, simply a relevant one, because the social picture sharing and food-photo-filtering site has been making waves this week with their announcement that all your photos will soon be theirs. Everywhere, millions of voices are crying out against the image of Instagram CEOs…


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Facebook Updates Nearby

Facebook just keeps expanding their influence. This week, they have added a powerful new feature to their mobile version for both iOS and droid, changing the “Nearby” feature and making marketing using Facebook even more important for local…


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Can Communities Boost Google+?

Google has been trying to push Google+ since its inception, but they’ve had a hard time gaining any ground on the vast majority of businesses that do their marketing using Facebook. Last week, they added a new feature that they hope will…


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3 Tips For Social Media Newbs

There’s a problem I have been seeing a lot lately among businesses who are late to adopting social media. They are excited, just raring to go (which is admirable) but they have no perspective on what they’re getting themselves into. They look up every possible social network and just start registering. Now, I’m a big proponent of social media as part of a…


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The Art of Getting Retweets

Tweeting is important for automotive marketing, but doing so in a way that gets you Retweeted is just as important. Retweeting boosts your original message, amplifying its reach by orders of magnitude, ensuring it’s seen by more people. Now, having good content will get your message out there, but good content alone can only take you so far. You need to be willing to sink yourself into the nitty gritty…


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Wikimotive's New eBook: Optimizing for Conversion

Most businesses understand the benefits of search engine optimization, but they waste all that hard SEO work by not having decent landing pages. Getting clicked is only the first step, once a potential customer is on your page, you need to be able to convert them into…


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Google Kills Rank Checker From Raven Tools

We all know that Google is a powerhouse, but in the past they have been a fairly reasonable one. For all the brawn they possess, they let people get away with a lot of activities that are probably technically infractions. This is what makes it so shocking when they truly bring their guns to bear. It’s their right though, and their newest issued penalty may have…


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Pinterest Cuts Fakes http://wikimotivenet.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/PinterestSpam.jpg

Pinterest is doing a lot right. They know they aren’t the first social network on the block and they aren’t trying to pretend they are. Instead, they’re deliberately studying Facebook and Twitter and implementing similar successful policies. This is great news for Pinterest users, and if you can keep up, it will be great news for your …


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Social Media Continues to Grow

Social media is here to stay, and according to the latest study released by the Nielsen group, it hasn’t even finished growing yet. What does this mean for the future of social media marketing and what role will it play in your automotive SEO? Lets take a quick look at the…


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Interesting AdSense Update

Google is the best there is at what they do, and it’s because they never become complacent. Even when a program is working, they are always seeking out ways that it could be improved. That’s why Google should always be the first thing you consider when you are planning your …


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Pinterest Adding Business Accounts

Pinterest is experiencing rapid growth, both among casual users and marketers. In the past month, Pinterest has started to embrace businesses that want to utilize their service, and they have made explicit business pages available. In the grand tradition of Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest hopes to use businesses’ need to market to increase their own…


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Google Buys Incentive Targeting

Google is full of surprises. This week, they went out and acquired the company Incentive Targeting. What will this mean for your search engine optimization efforts moving forward? Lets break it down a little and see if we can piece together part of their master plan.



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Facebook's Guide to Dealer Success

Facebook is pushing hard to extend their influence, and now they are beginning to drill down to a more granular level with their business support. They recently released a guide specifically for automotive dealerships. The only problem is that it isn’t exactly advertised everywhere, so many people may have missed it. It’s nothing…


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