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Citing Sources for Google SEO in Your Blog

When it comes to citing sources in your web content, there has always been a few different schools of thought. Some people meticulously cite every quote and source in proper MLA format like they are trying to get an A in English Comp 101. Some people throw in a quick link somewhere in the article and call it a day. Finally, some other people eschew sourcing all together and just steal information and content from others because the internet has a very liberal idea about ownership. Some…


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Anchor Text Alternatives for 2013

What kind of anchor text are you using for your SEO? I was surprised to learn recently that many people are still using only exact match anchor text as part of their strategy. Since the latest round of Panda and Penguin updates, using exact match SEO will get you hammered by Google, so it's time to move on. I've found six exact match anchor text alternatives that will give your SEO…


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Google Local Carousel Introduced

 Google has been testing what they call their "Local Carousel" for the past couple months, and today it is officially going live. It's the same top of page scroller you've been seeing on tablets for the past year, but now it's on your browser for your local related searches. Lets take a look at what it is and what it means for your local …


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Free ebook on Business Blogging Blunders!

Blogging is the engine that drives your digital marketing activities. It is the content generation that bolsters your SEO, the posts you share to your social media accounts, and the voice of your company on the internet. If you don't pay the proper amount of respect to your blog, you're going to suffer for it in the long run. A truly successful digital marketing…


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New Digital Marketing Facebook Page

Short post today! We wanted to let you all know that we are completely rebuilding our Facebook presence from the ground up. We're actually moving away from the old page and working on the Wikimotive LLC Facebook page from here on out, so be sure to add us today. We'll be focusing on marketing blogs, facts, infographics, and anything else we think may be of use to you.…


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You Can Blog Longhand!

All too often when we sit at the computer, we aren't writing, we're typing. It's a subtle distinction but it's an important one. Do you ever stare at your screen and know you need to get something down so you just hammer it out? Worse yet, do you ever stare at the screen, knowing you need to get something down, and then open a new tab and start reading the news or something?…


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Slideshare Content!

Content is the SEO method of choice in 2013. Spam and content spinning are way, way out, and original content that has value to the reader is in. It's not enough to just create the content though. Even if it's amazing and insightful, you still need to market your own content, at least a little bit, to get it off the ground. There are a lot of great ways to do this, and today we're…


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Free SEO Techniques Ebook!

SEO is one of the fasting moving fields there is, and you need to be willing and able to adapt just as quickly. Sure, it can be painful to abandon techniques that have worked well for you in the past, but it’s necessary if you want to prosper in the future. Don't sacrifice your Business's SEO for the sake of misplaced tradition.

Evolve and prosper,…


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Pinterest and Bing

Social media and search are again colliding, and for once, the news isn't about Google and Facebook. No, today's news is about the little brothers of search and social, the ones who aren't quite as successful but certainly give it there all. Let us here at Wikimotive tell you about it, and how it can affect your…


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Good SEO vs Great SEO

Let's forget for a moment that the overwhelming majority of SEO companies the average small business owner will encounter provide a service of no value whatsoever. Let's pretend that the majority of SEO providers are not outright scam artists. I'm only going to address the small percentage of us…


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Pagination of Content

Over the past couple years, the pagination of content has become a popular tactic. For those of you who don't keep up with asinine marketing terms, pagination in this context just means spreading your content out over multiple pages. This is usually done to increase views and lower bounce rates, both of which are great things for the advertisers on your…


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Microsoft Fails on Twitter

Adam Orth is one of the creative directors at Microsoft studios. He's not the top of the chain, but he IS important, and he should be aware that his words have weight. Unfortunately (for Microsoft and his own career) he performed a major faux pas on Twitter last night. Let's take a look at what he did and investigate how your …


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Reddit and Writing

In a world where content is next to cleanliness (and cleanliness is in fairly close proximity to godliness) it's fallen on a lot of digital marketers to start writing. For some of us, this hasn't been much of a chore. We delight in putting our thoughts down on the page and sending them out for (a very, very small portion of) the world to read. Other marketers aren't such big fans.…


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The Success of the Human Rights Campaign

Wikimotive Human Rights Campaign Map

Remember the Human Rights Campaign's pink equal sign that we wrote about last week? Well, it's died down a little, but it's still going pretty strong. It seemed nearly everyone on Facebook had at least one friend change their profile picture, but the evidence was anecdotal...until now. Facebook has released some interesting stats talking about the spread of the campaign, and…


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Want to Be an Internet Celebrity? Claim Your Authorship!

Wikimotive Authorship

Do you know who the author of your blog is? Well, it's mostly likely  you (or a team of handsome ghostwriters cleverly disguised as you), and if you are truly invested in a successful SEO strategy, you're blogging every single day, and even the occasional wild and crazy night. It's easy to get caught up in the flashy blogger lifestyle; the fast women, the loose…


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Google, The God of Thunder!

Wikimotive Google Mjolnir

Thor is a god, specifically, he's the thunder god, super specifically, he's the Norse god of thunder, storms, and beating the pulp out of things with his magic hammer, Mjolnir (just imagine I did the umlaut on the o). Thor is an unruly god, short on temper and long on power. When he approached, you never knew for sure if you were getting the clenched fist or the open palm (though smart money…


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New Twitter Ad Laws

Wikimotive Twitter FTC

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released their newest .com disclosure guidelines, the first new release since the year 2000. It takes them a long, long time to update this document, and they never really say anything all that groundbreaking. The general message is that the same guidelines that apply to traditional advertising mediums apply to the net, so your …


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Pinterest New Analytics

Successful marketing requires the ability to track and analyze and deduce, it's what makes the industry exciting. Businesses are always clamoring for more analytics tools from the services they use, and now Pinterest is delivering an interesting new tool, sure to be a boon for any SEO…


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The "Going Viral" Myth

Are you looking to go viral today? Do you want the magic formula, the secret spell, that alchemical reaction that will transform your tired old content into a vibrant viral rocket, blasting into the social-sphere of your target audience and sending them over the moon with purchasing-joy? Well...too bad. Buck up buttercup, because contrary to what many of the …


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Google Spam Examples

Everyone knows you shouldn't have a spammy site, but just what the heck does "spammy" even mean? We know Google doesn't like it, but it's not as though the word has a hard and fast definition (at least not one pertaining to SEO). Google realizes this, and they have recently put up a new page that illustrates …


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