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Interesting News: Ads That Smell

As marketers, weʼre always looking for the hottest new thing to get our brand in front of people. For ages, we had signage and print ads, then we progressed into the auditory realm with the radio, then it was video ads on TV, and finally, the ultimate advertisers playground: the internet.…


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Improve Your Facebook Marketing With Facebook Insights

Facebook has had their analytics tool called, Facebook Insights, for a while now, and since its conception it has grown more and more complex. Insights are now able to show Facebook Page Admins all kinds of useful information which can be a huge help when trying to hone your…


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Social Media Rules SEO!

SEO is a like a clock, always shifting, and kept true by machinery fathomless to the general population. Even people who make a living learning these intricate machinations are, at best, constantly battling to stay relevant. The hidden algorithms utilized by search engines like Google keep us on our toes, demanding constant vigilance and supreme dedication to the craft.…


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What you can learn from ThinkGeek.com

As marketers, we need to allow ourselves to be both leaders and followers. It’s important to innovate and move forward, if you’re always playing catch-up, how can you get ahead? At the same time, we can’t disregard something just because it’s been done before; necessity demands that we embrace the successful to survive. The trick is finding a healthy balance with your digital marketing, implementing one proven…


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Now Available: Targeted Ads On Twitter!

Twitter has really blossomed as a powerful tool for digital marketing. With one of the largest and most active communities in all of social media, there is no denying that the service merits your attention. Any time you can reach such a massive group of people for short money, you…


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Establishing Your Writing Voice For More Authoritative Quality Content

In any good automotive seo campaign you need to establish your dealership as a credible industry leading source of information. This can definitely be a handful but there are a few easy guidelines you can follow to make sure that your web content is helping your case rather than hurting it.…


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