A Guide To Getting Dealership Quality Car Parts Online

Owners of cars who contact dealerships may feel shocked when discovering the true cost of car replacement parts.  For example, a trim piece could cost approximately $5 to make; however, there is a high retail premium making it much pricier when shopping at a hardware store.  If a person took time to look around, there is a chance that they would find more reasonably priced parts.  This article will provide information on how to get dealership quality car parts online.

  1. Perform Sufficient Research

There are two specific websites that all car owners should know about before purchasing replacement parts.  The first website is Car-Part.com and it offers a large database of second-hand automobile parts.  The second website is Ebay Car Parts Direct and this happens to be one of the more popular options regarding automobile part sales.

To perform a successful search, it is important that you take certain factors into account.  When searching on Car-Part.com, select 'distance' and then search within a specific region.  This will help determine what the part is worth in a specific market price area.  When you have made a note of this value, head to eBay and perform the same search.  Pay attention to the estimated delivery time in the listing as parts can take time to reach your home, particularly if they are sent from an international dealership.

  1. Verify!

Before making a payment, it is recommended that you contact the dealership to confirm the specific automobile part number.  If you do not confirm the number, it is impossible to hold the company liable for any problems.  Certain parts are unique engine and transmission combinations; therefore, the list of potentially affected parts is long ranging from computers to more basic parts like starters.

  1. Haggle, But Be Polite

It is a common for junkyard dealers to match a lower price for a part as compared to other part retailers in the same geographical area.  However, there are two aspects to this situation and this needs to be taken into consideration. 

Firstly, you need to compare like with like and do not expect a junkyard dealer to match parts with a first-hand retailer.  Next, when you start to negotiate, it is important that you do your homework online and remain honest with the individual on the other line.  This person has the same information you have, so if you 'mess him about', he will know and may treat you in the same manner.

  1. Craigslist Is Not Good

While Craigslist has a great deal of information and listings, it is not always the best source available.  In fact, it can regularly be considered the bad site of the bunch when choosing to purchase replacement car parts online.  Furthermore, the majority of items purchased on Craigslist are sold as is without any money back guarantees, unlike the aforementioned websites.  It is for this reason that the higher quality traders do not utilize this website.

  1. Always Search For Coupons

Needless to say, automobile part retailers are expensive; however, they do not need to be and there are websites that can help reduce the cost.  Certain websites offer manufacturer rebates or coupon codes.  For example, eBay has offered alternators and starters that are within $20 of the first-hand dealership sale with the perk of free delivery and warranty.

  1. Purchase Rare Parts In Person

While it is easier to buy automobile parts online, it is recommended that you purchase rare parts in person.  Certain auto parts for high-end models, classic cars, and hybrid vehicles may be more difficult to locate online.  Furthermore, if they are available online it is likely that they will be much more expensive and there is less chance of them being of a high-quality.  By heading to a nearby junkyard that had the car in the inventory, one can locate unusual parts for less costly amounts.  If you are buying rare and unique parts, it is best to try and track it down in person.

  1. Try An Old Route

If online searches do not locate the part you require, it is time to search self-service junkyards.  Many vehicle hobbyists bring tools to these junkyards and find the part they need on older cars, remove the part themselves and pay a small amount for it.  This is the cheapest alternative for finding parts and is ideal for people operating on a limited budget.

  1. Enlisting Forum Help To Find Parts

While finding a rare part can be useful, there are times when it can be challenging to locate a unique item and this is where one should turn to fellow car enthusiasts for assistance.  One of the best methods to find high quality dealership parts is via online forums.  By asking for help to acquire a specific part that is not local to you, and potentially offering money for help, you can find what you need and help out a hobbyist in the process.  If forums do not work, try contact people through Facebook; it is shocking what friends of friends know and will do for extra money.

  1. Consider Buying An Auto Parts Car

If you have the space at your home, you could consider purchasing a parts car that can work as a donor automobile.  This donor vehicle can be obtained using public-auction listings or by contacting local impounds.  Newspapers also have classified sections for car auctions and you can contact these companies to discuss purchasing parts cars.

  1. The Dealership Is Your Final Option

If you have not found a suitable quality car part online yet, then the dealership will be your last resort.  While dealerships are more pricy than online options, this is only because they are at the mercy of the car manufacturers and you should not blame the dealers.  To find more information on the dealers, it is recommended that you review all dealerships in the area.

As can be seen, getting dealership quality car parts online can be complicated.  Using the information above, it is possible to find the best method to obtain car parts for your specific needs.

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