If you are searching for a boat that is great for the whole family but it is also quite satisfying to ride, you should think about getting the runabout boat, as that is still a staple of the boating family in many countries. These boats come in different shapes and sizes, from 16 footers to 30, and their purpose is always the same.

When browsing for models to purchase, keep in mind that you can always have your favorite model imported as well. There are many providers that will help you import your boat to a different country, for example, you have the Dazmac Logistics. Just make sure that the provider you choose is a reputable one, and your boat will be in good hands.

Have your dream boat imported to your country

Bayliner Element E21

You might have already heard about last year’s Bayliner Element E21, which is still a fresh boat. There is a lot of space and a great view. The price is around $25.000, and since this model is wide-open, dual console deck boat, it is great for the whole family.

Formula 310 BR

We all know that Formula’s boats have always been satisfying and solid, well, the Formula 310 BR is company’s flagship bowrider, and it also came out in 2017, continuing the usual tradition. Due to its structure, it is great for both family and friends (about 4 people can fit on), and it can reach up to 51 mph speed.

Four Winns HD 220 OB

An empty space was left where the engine used to be once the Michigan boatbuilder managed to convert the 22-food HD 220 to an outboard power from sterndrive. After some consideration, the designers decided to throw some floors down and allow the new owners of the boat to decide how to use that space.

Four Winns HD 220 OB

This model is known as a very simple yet stylish boat, with a lot of space and good speed. It is usually described as fun, it has enough space for a small family and it definitely stands out from the crowd. If you choose this boat, make sure to be able to import it to your country before the purchase. You can check out the quality boat export USA from Dazmac Logistics, or talk to your local provider for info.

Jeanneau New Concept 795

This is a French import model that introduces the concept to North American water of the pocket cruiser. Jeanneau New Concept 795 is a very popular European-style boat simply because it is good for a number of different aspects.

Monterey M45

Another boat worth the mention is Monterey M45 since, during his test run, the Monterey M45 proved that it was quick to plane, rewarding in top speed and fearless in turns. In addition, it is quite quiet, which was surprising; it is no wonder that this boat is gaining popularity among runboat enthusiasts.

Scarab 195 Open

With its center console steering station, and the fact that it is a water-powered jet, Scarab 195 Open is also a great family boat and the two mentioned features give this new sports utility for the water: fish, tube, dive, water-ski, wakeboard and simply have fun with your family or friends.

Final word

Of course, there are plenty of other family boats that were not mentioned on this list and choosing a boat should all depend on the use; if you are looking for a fun family boat, some of the boats from the list above might fit your desired description!

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