Welcome back to our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success! We’ve been keeping you up to date on our friend, Carlos Huerta. He came in some time ago brand new to the business - just a man with his own community. He’s been working very closely with Ali Reda since the very beginning, and we’ve been happy to walk you through this process since we began. Let’s go back and take a closer look. Shall we?

Since his career started, Carlos has been 100% relationship business only. He spent the first thirty days learning dealership lingo and process, while reaching out to EVERYONE he knows. That’s right! From day one in this business, he’s been generating all his business through his own personal contacts and boosting it with community outreach and social media.

Watch this week’s video to hear from Ali on how they got started.

You heard it, folks! First they learned all the ins and outs of the dealership, and while he was doing that, he started reaching out to people that he already knew. He didn’t use this time to sell them. He just connected with them, asked how they were, updated them on his new direction, and told them where to find him. You know… the way you would in real life! Not forced, not fake - simply real, unscripted love from their friend. 

He also spent this time doing all he could to bring new friends into his circle. This may sound like a lot of work, but he actually just said hi to people in the places he was already going. If he had to go to the dry cleaners, he wouldn’t just drop off the clothes. He’d make a presence there by introducing himself to the owner, thanking him for working so hard, and letting him know how happy he was to have him and his business as a part of this community. 

Where else can you go to make these connections?

  • Your Church 
  • Charity Events
  • Community Centers
  • Local Restaurants
  • Your Children’s School Functions & Sporting Events
  • Grocery Stores

You can go anywhere, I mean anywhere, that exists in your community. Pay attention to anything that you have a connection to. Just go, and be nice to people. Find out who they are, and thank them for taking the time to do what they do. 

In Carlos’ first four months, he’s sold 17, 16, 13, and 10 units. That fourth month when it dropped to ten, he started feeling a little down on himself. Luckily, he’s got Ali by his side to reassure him and bring him back to the right mindset. Sometimes it’s tough to remember that we’re in this for the long game. Don’t get lost in the numbers. Keep moving forward. Carlos sees what can happen if he just stays focused on the next person. We want you to see that, too.

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Where is YOUR favorite local spot? You know, that place that you walk into and everyone knows you; that hangout you have where it takes you twenty minutes to even sit down because you have to say hi to every person in the place. Tell us in the comments below. 

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