Five Techniques Auto Dealerships Use to Sell Cars

Dealerships may seem like they sell their cars easily, but they do a lot of behind-the-scenes and upfront work to close sales. These are just a helping of the things that they do to make deals more enticing to consumers so they can connect people to good cars.

1. Save On Shipping

Dealers are normally involved in high-level logistics with other dealerships in their corporate network and the manufacturer they are tied too such as Ford, Mazda, Toyota, etc. However, a large expense of these dealer networks is shipping the parts they need to build cars. When smaller items like parts or tiers need to be shipped, dealers can use an LTL freight broker, such as AuptiX, to keep moving things around the country at more affordable rates.

2. Purchase Supplies from Third Party Companies

From a car sun shade to a new windshield, dealerships often seek the help from third party companies to provide them with auto supplies. AutoAnything is a company that offers everything from performance parts to maintenance and repair parts with both exterior and interior supplies.

3. Options for Free

A dealership that wants to sell cars may also offer some vehicle options for no extra charge. An example of an option is heated seating or tinted windows. They'll sometimes waive the extra price of these attractive additions to entice a customer to buy a car. That tactic, like many others, is quite successful.

4. Waive the Down Payment

Another tactic that some dealerships use to move a car is that they waive the down payment for qualified buyers. Some consumers come prepared with down payments because they have purchased many cars, and they know how the process works. Some consumers, however, do not bring a down payment. They may not have a down payment at all despite their ability to make the monthly payments. A dealership may counter that issue by waiving the down payment and allowing the consumer to turn in his or her used vehicle. In cases where the new shopper does not have a used vehicle to offer, the dealership may still waive the down payment. It all depends on the finance team and how good they are at their job of linking consumers to the best possible deals. It can be done, but it may take some extra effort from the salesperson as well as the customer.

5. Detail to Perfection

Finally, human beings are visual creatures. Many of them love to see shiny waxed vehicles and will buy a car based on the cleanliness alone. For that reason, some dealerships invest a lot of money in making sure that the visual aspects of the vehicle are up to par. In other words, they will detail a car to no end because it may help to clear the car off the lot.

Now you can appreciate how dealerships sell cars. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into moving them, and it's not as easy as many persons believe it to be. The next time you visit one, you'll better understand their processes. You'll also know to ensure that you receive the best deal that you can get. You deserve it.

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