Handy Tips for Car Scratches and Repairs

Cars and other automobile have today become a necessity rather than a luxury as would have been an earlier perspective. Hence, people do not have to think twice when it comes to maintenance and related work for their automobiles. Yet, auto scratch repair is still the most undesirable job to look forward to and people do not repair the scratches on their car body to save money. These days scratch repairs are not as hard a task and minor scratches can easily be handled. Now you can find some scratch repair tools in the market and you can also repair small scratches with these tools by DIY techniques. But for large scratches and car body repairing, you need visit your nearest auto scratch repair shop and they can easily remove all scratches from your car body and re-paint your car if required.

Dealing with Scratches


If there are minor scratches, then you need not break your heart over it, this is repairable. Normally, scratches around 600 to 1000 grit can be worked with by buffing. Surface scratches that have passed 2000-mark grit are deep penetrations and regular compounds and scratch removers will not help in this situation.


Steps in Minor Scratch Repairs


  • Use two pieces of cloth to begin the process, wet the first piece of cloth and apply a polishing compound that you could purchase from an automobile shop. Use this cloth to rub the surface of the damaged area in a circular fashion. This should be done till the compound hardens.
  • Next use a little car wash soap and wash off the damaged area with the solution and then followed with clear water.
  • Use genuine car wax on another piece of cloth and gently rub the damaged area in a circular motion. After this use a new piece of cloth and gently clean off the exterior to give it a smooth surface. But you cannot able to repair these scratches from the root and you can find some stains on the same portions after this DIY process. So it is better to consult with auto scratch repair shop for this job and they can use some chemicals and painting solution to seal these scratches permanently.

Steps to Deal with Auto Scratch Repair Slightly Deeper

Start with basic sanding down of the dent or scratch that your car has sustained, clean areas near and surrounding the damaged area. Apply the body compound directly to the body and allow it to harden a bit.

  • Once hardened, use a sand paper to gently take off excess of body compound. Clean off the area of any compound and dust with a wet cloth. Ensure that the scratched area is completed covered with the compound.
  • Pick up a one-inch brush and apply primer paint to the dent area of the scratch area. Allow this primer paint to dry.
  • Take a sample of your paint and get the paint dealer to match to exactly match the color of the rest of the body paint. This is generally easily done with modern technology of paint mixing and this can be done by any auto scratch repair center.
  • Gently apply the paint that is matched earlier to the dent or scratch area. If you have a spray gun, that’s the way to go.
  • Allow the paint to dry and then redo the job till you have applied about 3 coats of paint to the damaged area.

You don’t need to take up the auto scratch repair project all by yourself if the above steps seem insurmountable. In such a case, a deep scratch should go to the car scratch repairs and maintenance station and professional trained mechanics can easily do this task with more accuracy level.

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