How To Service A bobcat Wheel Loader

Daily maintenance of the bobcat wheel loader and proper pre-use and post-use check of the loader are essential to keep it safe and productive. There should be an appropriate schedule for the operator which he needs to follow to have a properly well-maintained bobcat wheel loader. So here’s a list of some critical points and by following them into the specific order will let you have a well-maintained wheel loader.


  • The operators should be adequately trained and educated about how they should use a bobcat wheel loader. No proper maintenance and take care would be enough if the manager or operator of the wheel loader is not expert in handling it. The person controlling the wheel loader should be trained adequately to have the better understandings of the features and the functions of the wheel loader. If the bobcat wheel loader is being handled by an expert, then there is very less to bother about the maintenance of it.


  • The managers and operators of the wheel loader need to take necessary care of the operating conditions of the loader. There are some tools and types of equipment attached to the loader and to take care of them, it is necessary for the operator to have an eye on the devices and notice if something is missing or damaged. The buckets and pallets are the essential tools for a loader, and they need the same care as the bobcat wheel loader needs.


  • The wheel loader could have severe damages in there are undetected leaks. The owners should always take care of the proper maintenance of the wheel loader. Adequate checking should be conducted of the tires of the wheel loader so that the minor issues could be treated at the spot.


  • An operator needs to take proper care of the brakes of the bobcat wheel loader. There are some situations on the job site when the operator is required to stop the wheel loader urgently, and in those scenarios, the brakes of the wheel loader may get issues, and these issues could be solved and managed at the spot.


  • If the machine is working in the wet weather conditions, then the driveline could have material build-up, and it is necessary to keep that portion of the wheel loader clean to have a better idea of any leaks at seals if present.


  • The engine oils should be changed when needed, and the proper care should be taken of the oils and fuels which are being used in the bobcat wheel loader according to If you find some issue in the engine, you need to stop working and immediately contact a professional to get that issue treated to prevent the wheel loader from any danger in future. 


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