"I Understand - You'd Like To Sell More Cars."

In the past year I have had the privilege of visiting with businesses of all sizes to introduce digital marketing solutions. In an age where disruptive digital technology is a crucial part of the success of one’s business I must share what I learned as a digital marketing specialist.
What could stop a good digital campaign in its tracks?
A: Staffing issues and or lack of motivated sales professionals.
Marketing strategies were either stalled by high staff turnover or were canceled as a result of employees not understanding how to inspire and educate customers on the value of their company.
With all the data available to us these days the most valuable form of marketing is still word of mouth and of course the ability of your team to drive sales. Without proper sales coaching, marketing dollars go wasted and the good word of your company does not get to your intended audience/client base.
So after much consideration I've decided that I was best suited in a role where I could help businesses thrive by inspiring their employees - it’s an ongoing process that needs to be nurtured.
I am happy to announce that I’m going back to David Lewis and Associates and I will be calling on automotive dealerships, which is something I've truly loved and missed. Coming from a background that has many similarities to automotive sales, I feel a kinship within those in dealerships.
In the past my role in David's company spanned from marketing executive to training center admin and with over 30 years in customer service, success with inbound/outbound calling, face to face sales, when visiting dealerships, I can offer them guidance, workshop recommendations and inspire their people to drive sales with confidence.
The Customer Buying Journey
I don’t believe that there is necessarily any secret to driving sales rather than understanding and inspiring your buyer on a consistent basis. This is something that takes an ongoing investment in your team throughout your dealership.
The DLA program offers a wide variety of workshops in order to reach every level of your dealership, and as the manager of client services I will act as your partner to guide and support your team through the process and to learn what areas of growth are needed within your facility.
DLA understands the importance of growth and change within the sales process. With over 25 years of successful automotive dealership coaching they’ve hired me as an investment in their future and your future as well - I will be visiting dealerships to guide your staff through strategies and programs that best suit your individual dealership’s needs. I look forward to a successful partnership.

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