When I speak to sales groups, the subject of rejection comes up often during our Q and A sessions. Rejection is a natural part of the business of sales, and it is critically important to learn how to make rejection work in your favor. The way you view rejection will determine how you respond to each "no", "not yet", or "maybe" during your sales career. Your outlook will truly define your sales outcomes and income.

You must learn to love the word, "no" and believe each "no" you receive moves you one step closer to your ultimate goal, which is to hear the magic word..."yes."  - Paul Cummings 

What does rejection really mean? Why are we hearing the word "no"? How do we use each "no" response as a call to action that allows us to turn the stopping stones into stepping stones that will lead us to a positive outcome? Is there value in each "no" we receive? Can we truly use rejection to our personal advantage as it relates to our career development? These questions are valid, and I have answers that will allow you to change your mindset about daily rejection.

Rejection Facts

  1. "No" means "not yet" and "not yet" means "yes" is coming your way!
  2. "No" provides you an opportunity to practice your techniques and thereby master the art of sales performance!
  3. "No" means the customer needs more information to make a decision they feel comfortable enough with to say "yes"!
  4. "No" means the customer is not fully satisfied that your product or service will meet or exceed their objectives!
  5. "No" is a call to action alerting you to slow down and ask better questions to get clarity and isolate the reason they said "no"!

"Rejection is not a setback; it's a shout out from the customer saying, "Please help me say yes."  - Paul Cummings 

The Psychology

Average salespeople tend to react to rejection as though the word "no" is a dagger to their heart. Many take it so personally and allow temporary setbacks to affect their attitudes and dampen their enthusiasm. They give up on the sales opportunity and quit on the customer, believing the sale is lost. Guess what? This type of thinking leads an average salesperson down the path to low sales performance and results. The ultimate destiny is one of self-imposed negativity and can be career-ending. Instead of giving up, you must learn to have "Get back up" mentality.

"No" is just the beginning of the sales process, and professionals visualize this is where the real selling and value building begins with the customer. - Paul Cummings 

Winner's Attitude

"No" to a pro is just like water off a duck's back. A pro knows that "no" is temporary, and it is during these "no moments" that all their hours of practice and preparation pay off. A pro knows that converting a "no" is about patience, persistence, and professionalism. A pro stays calm and confident when rejection comes his or her way. A pro responds in a positive way keeping the customer's individual point of need in mind. The mindset of a pro is one of optimism and enthusiasm because they believe that every temporary loss or setback contains a permanent lesson.

At some point in your career, you decide to be either average or exceptional. The choice of how you view "NO" will be a determining factor in which path you ultimately take. Pros love the word "No" and average salespeople fear "No." -  Paul Cummings 

Which path will you choose?

Make a difference today.

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