Motivating Your Automotive Sales Team


Motivating Your Automotive Sales Team

As a sales manager, you do your best to keep your team motivated all year long. After all, being in sales can come with its fair share of stress and disappointment: your team has to hear a lot of "no's" before getting to even one "yes," and that kind of rejection can take its toll on even the most seasoned sales professional. Here are some ways to help boost team morale even during the slow season, so that your sales staff keeps the positive, can-do attitude it takes to win new accounts, try their hardest and meet their quotas every quarter.

Make it Interesting
Your sales team is comprised of naturally competitive individuals- after all, shy, introverted people don't usually gravitate towards sales-oriented positions. Take advantage of that outgoing, competitive streak by creating a friendly contest among your team members. The grand prize doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive- a gift card to a popular restaurant, store or coffee shop is more than sufficient, and is something that everyone on your staff can enjoy and appreciate. A small token goes a long way toward ramping up the naturally-competitive mindset of your sales staff and giving them the extra push they need to increase sales.

Show Appreciation
Has it been a rough quarter? Has your team hit a bit of a slump despite their best efforts? Nothing shows a sales team that you appreciate all they do like a small gift of thanks for each member of the department. By giving them a small show of appreciation to show that you believe in them, such as gift card incentives you can help motivate them to redouble their efforts for the month and quarter ahead, and help pull them out of the negative mindset they may be battling from the lack of new sales. The payoff will be huge!

Holiday Perks
When the end of the year rolls around, it's customary for managers to give members of their staff a holiday gift, such as a bonus or a thoughtful present, as a thank-you for all they've done the past year, as well as a motivator for the upcoming year ahead. If your budget is a bit too tight for substantial bonuses, you can still make sure your sales team feels appreciated with a gift card incentive to one of their favorite stores or restaurants. Your team will be touched by the gesture, which may lead them to bring 110 percent to the office every day.

No matter the reason, showing your sales team you appreciate them is the best motivation of all! For the best possible results from your sales department, make sure to keep morale high and spirits lifted, and you will soon see a big difference!

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