We’re back with Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. Last week in our video series we asked the question, Who Gets the Credit? That’s you, my friend! We’re happy to offer all the tools to get you to your next level of sales, but it’s you who has to do the work to make it happen! 

It’s our goal at Auto Training Academy to get you everything you need to find great success in this business, and believe me… we’re doing all we can to get you more! We’re documenting the career of Mr. Carlos Huerta very closely, and finding so many nuggets of wisdom as we learn and grow with him. 

You know about Carlos, right? 

Well, Ali has been working with him for a while now. That’s right! Ali Reda is his manager, mentor, and coach. They’ve been implementing all of Auto Training Academy’s programs and processes in their training and allowing the members of 100 Cars Club to walk with them step by step on their journey.

We have these monthly webcasts, you see. It’s a Q&A session between me, Ali, and the 100 Cars Club. I think it’s safe to say that our members have been enjoying watching the progress so closely. Should we hear from one of them now? I invite you to watch this week’s video to hear what Ernie has to say.

Ernie’s right, y’all! Carlos is lucky to have his coach right there on the rollercoaster with him. Like many of our members, Ernie is an advocate for all in our community. We have a unit of high achievers that want to know more, and hand off the knowledge they’ve gained to others. We all just want to take care of people!

Ernie offers some important advice for us to remember, as we’re all getting through our daily grinds. When you find yourself in moments of downtime, stay out of the circle. Go back to your list. Pay attention to the lot. Immerse yourself in the training materials. Keep your mind right. 

The rollercoaster will go up, but you have to stay on it. Don’t teach yourself the bad habits that are sure to help you lose momentum. It’s not easy. It’s a choice you have to make every day to stay on track. Want some help? Join our tribe! Not only do you get to join us in that monthly webcast, we have so many tools to get you to your next level. 

In the 100 Cars Club, you’ll have access to:

  • The Official 100 Cars Club Member Site where you’ll find everything you need to reach your next level of success.
  •  Your LIVE Monthly Webcast Recording, including video AND audio only versions.
  • Access to the 100 Cars Club Private Community where you’ll connect with our community of salespeople committed to going bigger.
  • The 100 Cars Club Webcast Library - every previous webcast is yours with your full membership. (Yep, even the ones that happened before you joined.)
  • 6 Keys to Simple Selling, a 6-week training program with Damian Boudreaux & Ali Reda based on the Keep It Simple Selling principles.
  • LIVE Event Recordings of the seminars. 

You can check out the Club here. We offer a monthly subscription or an annual one at a 30% savings and you can manage your subscription right on the membership site. 

We want this business to bring you unbelievable success. We want you to grow and learn and thrive. We want you to have the life of your dreams! In the comments below, send us your questions, concerns, real life problems. We want to help. 

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