Responsive Search Ads - KPI Cafe Season 1 Episode 10

Later today, we'll release a new episode with Paul J. Daly. Until then, let's continue to talk about ways to invest your money more efficiently.

Responsive Search Ads are a Google innovation that couples machine learning and automation to match your ads to search intent.

Why's that important? Because the more your ad matches search intent, the more it is relevant to the consumer. And the greater the relevance, the greater the Quality Score. The greater the Quality Score, the more potent every dollar is that you invest in paid search. Let's dive into RSAs in this KPI Cafe.

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—— Topics Covered ——

The Opportunity of Responsive Search Ads (0:39)

Example of a Responsive Search Ad (0:50)

Importance of Aligning Ads with Search Intent (1:29)

Are Digital Marketing Agencies Prepared? (1:44)

Are Responsive Search Ads Seen in the Wild? (1:56)

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