Some Factors in Radar Detector Mounting Ideas

You've done your homework and got the best radar detector for your cruising needs, but now where to stick it? The location of a radar detector is also important and a factor in its effectiveness. There are sure to be many radar detector mounting ideas, but how they factor into the technology is also something to consider as well as if it'll be a problem on the chance you get pulled over. Do you want to advertise you have a radar detector mounted? Are you able to put things on your windshield legally? Will you have cords running across the grill or dash of your car?

These are things to think about before mounting your radar detector. You don't want to get all set up only to find the machine is a pain to work with where you have it. So, let's go over a few things and see what makes sense for you by going over a few factors in radar detector mounting ideas.

The Higher Your Radar, the Better You'll Be

A general rule of thumb when it comes to radar detector mounting ideas is the higher the radar detector the better it will perform. This is especially true in a hilly area, you want as much of the technology to be able to transmit over the hill rather than warn you once you're speeding down it. It must be said that the difference isn't wild, but you want every advantage from a radar detector and this mounting idea gives you an extra one.

Mounting the radar detector higher could mean having it attached to the top of your car and above the windshield. This would mean, perhaps, some work done on your car but provides the advantage needed if not living on flat land. If you know you run into hills and uneven terrain, you'll want the radar detector as high as possible.

The one downside to this rule of thumb is that it can detract from the quality of a detecting laser. When it comes to this radar detector mounting idea, you'll want the machine closer to headlight level in order to detect a laser being shot at you from the police. But a laser jammer can easily remedy that radar detector mounting idea.

From the Window to the Grill

As noted before, another factor in radar detector mounting ideas is whether to put it on your windshield or lower on the grill. One thing to consider is in some states you cannot put anything on your windshield, it's illegal. If that is the case with you, then perhaps on your dashboard or on the ceiling of your car, maybe even the console depending on the kind of radar detector you've bought.

The choices available to you depend on what kind of machine you've bought, that'll give you plenty of reasonable options pertaining to radar detector mounting ideas. If the machine doesn't come with any specific attachments, then you'll have to see what works for you as it is or, perhaps, order accessories to accommodate your needs.

If the radar detector is on your grill, then you may need some custom installation done. This is an ideal radar detector mounting idea for those who want or need to conceal it and be a bit more discrete on the road. So it could be worth the extra cash versus paying the extra cash in speeding tickets.

Straight Ahead

Yes, where you point your radar detector matters a lot no matter what radar detector mounting ideas you have. It needs to be pointed straight ahead, as that is where the radars you want to catch are. While height is a factor, pointing your radar detector to the sky won't help. Neither will be pointing them to the left or right, those have no bearing in radar detector mounting ideas you have except in not doing it.

The possible tickets and speed traps are always ahead of you, so keep that radar detector pointed in that direction. Whether you have it on your windshield, grill, dashboard, or console, always pointed forward. No matter your radar detector mounting ideas, this isn't a rule of thumb but a hard-fast law.

Elements of Your Radar Detector Mounting Ideas

These three elements are factors no matter where you place your radar detector. Whether it is under your rearview mirror, somewhere on your windshield, your grill, dashboard, or console, these are things to consider. The technology can be hindered or elevated depending on where you want to mount it and each comes with its own pluses and negatives. When buying a radar detector, they'll give you tips specific to the kind of machine you've purchased. Don't neglect their advice as it can save you money in the long run, even if you end up getting a few attachment accessories.

Stay safe while cruising fearlessly!

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