In our video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success, we’ve been hearing about all the things that shaped and grew the business model of Mr. Ali Reda. We’ve heard about Carlos, the five pillars of high achievement, relationship sales, and now here’s the big one! Ali says that the questions are what changed everything. 

Don't give me the credit for his success. I didn’t turn him into a great salesman, I just asked him questions to help him become more aware of what he was doing well. And then I asked him more questions so that he could figure out how to do more of the things he was already doing well. 

So how do we all do that? Well for starters, pay attention to this video. Then, pay attention to EVERYTHING.

You have to be yourself, and find a process that works best for you. Don’t teach yourself to copy another salesperson. You aren’t that guy! How could we ever do that well? 

Here are a few things to start looking at in your daily life:

  • Pay attention to the way that other salesmen make you feel, and take note of what not to do.
  • Know that lines and scripts sound like lines and scripts. You have to be truthful with people. If you’re not being true to who you are - you’re lying to them, and they’ll be able to sense that. 
  • Be aware of yourself in every interaction. Have patience. Smile. Be there for the person in front of you.
  • Pay attention to your customers too. Do they seem comfortable with you? Are they interested in what you’re saying? Do they need a bottle of water? 

I know how to approach customers based on what I allow myself to see.

Let them feel comfortable with you once, and they will always feel comfortable with you.

Ali Reda

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