The Untapped Potential of the Infotainment for Dealers | KPI Cafe Season 4 Bonus 2

KPI Cafe Host Dane Saville dives into the untapped potential of the infotainment in each of your dealership's vehicles for sales and customer retention. He brings on the premiere expert, Paige Donnelly of Emerald Infotainment, to dive into the details.

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—— Topics Covered ——

Background of Paige Donnelly (0:20)

Connecting Digital Marketing to Infotainment (0:54)

How Does Infotainment Tie into the Test Drive? (1:23)

How Does Infotainment Tie into Customer Retention? (2:22)

What are a Dealer’s First Few Steps to Capitalize on Infotainment Benefits? (4:08)

How to Contact Paige (4:49)

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