The Very Best Rader Detectors of 2018

Often you might find yourself looking into the specific details of a radar detector when you are looking into getting one. You might even find yourself asking what is the best one out there in my budget covering all my needs.  In this post, we’ll be reviewing different types of radars available in the market. For that purpose, we’ll be going through all the key points and the necessary information that you need to know when looking for a radar detector. We’ll be looking into the various specialties, features, and prices of these radar detectors.

The Best Radar Detectors

So, what are the best radar detectors on the market and why might you choose one over another? We’ll be reviewing 6 of the most common and most recommended radar detectors on the market.

Uniden R3 & R1

If you ask us, the detector we would suggest it would be the the Uniden R3. It is the best performing windshield mount radar detector on the market and it outperforms most of those in this list.

You get the longest performance in range and a very fine false alert filter. Another major feature of this radar detector is that it is undetectable by other radar detectors.

It comes with an integrated GPS chip which enables you to teach it when you get false alerts. Essentially, if you get a false alarm near an automatic door opener or speed camera, you can tell it not to alert you for that again.

It even has low-speed muting which keeps it quiet in the part of towns where you haven’t been before.

The Uniden R3 comes with a red light alert. So, it’s a good option for city driving.

Uniden R3 Price: $399

If you are looking for a detector that assists you in highway or rural driving where you don’t need the GPS functionality, GPS lockouts or red light camera alerts, you might want to consider Uniden R1. It is $100 less with all the functionalities you’ll need in rural areas. It’s more towards raw performance with a good BSM filtering.

Escort Max360 and Max360c

Next we have Escort Max360 and Escort Max360c. These are feature packed detectors which are extremely convenient and support plug-and-play functionality.

They have a GPS chip to help filter out false alerts.

The difference between a Uniden and Escort is that they are automatic. If Escort Max360 or Escort Max360c see a signal repeatedly it automatically teaches itself that it’s a false-alert. This reduces your interaction with the detector to teach it about the false alerts.

It has arrows to help you locate the threats, whether they are.

It has built-in Bluetooth which you can use to pair with your phone and share your alerts with a network of drivers while you share your information with them too. This augments the protection you’ll have because of the influx of more meaningful information on the radar.

The Escort Max360 radar detector displays speed limits when paired with the phone.

Although these are not as cool in performance as the Uniden detectors they are still one of the best radar detectors we have on our list because of their feature-packed nature.

Escort Max360 Price: $650 (you can find it on Amazon for around $100 less / prices are subject to change)

Escort Max360c

Escort Max360c comes with the same features as the Escort Max360 but with an addition of a Wi-Fi chip. You can connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi or the car’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

This feature lets it automatically update on the new firmware on new red light camera alerts.

It’s a bit smaller than the Escort Max360 and a bit easier to mount as well. Besides being the most feature-packed radar detector on the market it is the most expensive one too.

The Escort Max360c takes your convenience to the next level.  

Escort Max360c Price: $700

Valentine One

Go for a Valentine One if you want similar features as in the Escort Max360 but at a comparatively low price.

By adding a Bluetooth module for (iOS and Android) with it to pair it with your phone and with the assistance of some apps you can add a lot of the features. For instance, you can achieve the automatic GPS lockout as you drive around with your phone and It can learn about  false alerts and filter them out.

The configuration is a bit harder as it doesn’t have a very fancy OLED display for information like your frequency or your speed limit. You’ll need to tether it with your phone.

Nonetheless, if you are looking at saving some cash without compromising much on the features then V1 is for you.

Valentine One Price: $399

Radenso Pro M

This is the most compact radar detector with the added benefit of detecting low powered radar guns. This includes the multi-radar CD. This type of radar is excessively being used in Canada and has now started showing up in the US too.

It’s being used in New York and in photo-radar applications.

Of all the radar detectors mentioned here, this is the only one capable of detecting MRCD (MultiRadar CD) and from the ones that can detect the MRCD it is the most efficient one. It doesn’t only detect it but also filters false alerts from them.

Redenso Pro M Price: $549

Uniden DFR7 & DFR6

All the detectors mentioned here are a bit pricey. If you wish to start out on a detector while staying on a budget, take a look at the Uniden DFR7.

Uniden DFR7 is the predecessor to R3. While it doesn’t have that level of performance and all the features that an R3 has, it still is a decent detector.

If you are looking for a good city radar in the budget which has the GPS locking feature, muting, and red light camera alert, you might want to see the Uniden DFR7.

Uniden DFR7 Price: $249-$299

The most affordable detector especially good for rural areas or if you drive in California is the Uniden DFR6. It’s the same as the DFR7 without a GPS chip.

Because it doesn't have low-speed muting or the GPS lockouts however, it might not be the best option for in-city.

It’s still a great way to come under the $200 price tag. This detector specializes in detecting 34-7. If you live in California, you can disable k-band and let the radar focus on 34-7 alone.

This was a quick high-level review of all the best radar detectors available in the market. If you are looking for the very best radar detectors of 2018 then check out the live reviews and demos over at VortexRadar.

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