Accessories To Boost Motorcycle & Small Car Sales at Dealership?

Hello Everyone!

Due to lockdown and coronavirus pandemic, we saw a big decrease in our big vehicle sales, that's why my marketing team decided to focus more on small cars and motorcycles. Because there are more chances that customers could go with these small budget vehicles as compared to expensive big cars. Right now, we are planning to include exciting accessories with our motorcycles and small cars to engage more customers. 

If we talk about motorcycle accessories, then we are willing to include fashionable gloves and phone mounts like this. Yes, we are not investing a lot on accessories and just adding small gadgets to engage passionate motorcyclists to increase sales. Similarly, for cars, we are going to add air purifying bags, warmer or cooler for beverages etc. Few of our team members were saying that we should include a sleek navigation system, but it was expensive, and we are already facing lots of cuts in our incomes. We are Just conducting this risky venture to engage more clients.

What do you think is it a right strategy or what should we include or exclude from our list of accessories? You can also share your suggestions to increase sales. 

Waiting for your responses.