Used Vans Sales Ideas?


Vans have become an essential part of serval business like they are playing a role in delivering couriers, food items and medical stuff. Yes, we are looking to make used vans purchase from a dealer-only auction. According to our finance department, we shouldn't go with this deal due to coronavirus fear factor but don't you think even in worse conditions, commercial vehicles would be still required to deliver medical aid, food and other stuff from one place to another? What are your views in this regard?

Secondly, I am thinking to sanitize these vehicles after purchase to increase the trust of buyers. I also have ideas to go with pre-sale insurance for these vehicles. I found this direct van insurance site to compare quotes of different insurers for used and new vans. I think it would be great if we offer some discounts on yearly or monthly insurance instalments for users after making any win-win deal with insurance companies. In this regard, we can give a tough time to competitors. Do you think it would be the right approach? Or you think it would be an expensive or risky choice to increase profit margins.

All in all, I want some reliable ideas from your side. Please come with the best recommendations. I am waiting for your suggestions.