I have put information videos, call to action Questions, pictures and I can not get people interested

I am not posting to try and sell them I just want them to interact.

Estabrook Ford on Facebook 

Feedback and please like page

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@Daniel - Before diving into the Automotive Industry, I ran social media for a Presidential & Congressional campaigns in the past. Obviously photos are the most engaging/viewed piece of content on Facebook. With that in mind, I always encouraged my clients to have a template made for Facebook Wall Posts (get a graphic designer to do it for ya, worth the $50):

  • Top: Click "LIKE" If You Agree! (Bold/This is what people see and leads to clicks)
  • Middle: Leave blank white so you can add text
  • Bottom: Store Logo/Name and website (PR)

Then when something comes up in your community, in the news, in local sports, or you find a great quote, just drop it into the middle and post it in your wall with short, quick language that says Click "LIKE" & "SHARE" If You Agree!

Easier to share on the phone or via email, feel free to give me a buzz if you want to chat about it tomorrow. I don't work on the social side much anymore, outside of a little dabble into politics around election time, but it's my passion and I love giving tips to dealers. I could also get you setup with one of these templates if you send me over your logo.

Office phone - 941.366.6760

Christian Ziegler
COO, Dealers United

do you have an example?

Here's an example from my political stuff (apologize ahead of time, just incase we disagree on the issue!) -


  • I have a page with about 1,000 "Likes"
  • The image got 101 "likes" & 297 "shares".
  • Lead language (above photo) was - Click "LIKE" & "SHARE" If You Agree With Me!

You could get a graphic designer to do a better job than what I was able to put together (I'm not a graphic designer) but the "LIKE if you agree" and the Name/Title/Website are on the template, the middle quote is something I dropped in).

Does that help?

Btw - We are launching a new platform, in the coming weeks, at www.DealersUnited.com and I'll be providing tips on stuff like this going forward. Would love to have ya! Either way, I'm only an email away.

Christian Ziegler

it did not open can you put the link on here

Put link like this 1

Daniel, I'll email it over to ya.



Dealers United is a great idea 

Daniel, thanks for the kind comment! Please let me know if there is anything I, or my team, can do to help you or your store! More importantly.... Have a GREAT weekend!

Hey Daniel,

Here are some really helpful info-graphics on improving your Facebook pages. Keep up the "just want them to Interact" concept. Selling over social media can be a very thin line and must be done very carefully. Sell your business's personality, and something that resonates with your consumers. Utilize Facebook's new #(hashtag) feature to get your content seen on socially trending hashtags and make sure to utilize strong content given to you buy your OEM.

Hope this helps!





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