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Want A Pay Raise? Up Yours!

3 lbs is all that is keeping you from ultimate success. It’s your brain. If it weren’t for our brain, the sales profession would be an easy job. Instead of using our brain as a tool, we use it instead as a weapon-on ourselves. It’s the self-defeating thoughts, past experiences, and bleak predictions that…


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Am I Doing This Right?


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Summer Ends, Continuing Trends

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Beggs on the Used Car Market with data and insights from Ricky Beggs and Black Book. By the time you are watching or reading this used car market insight, whether you are a fan of college football or not, you either attended a game or at least watched some on TV. This great passage of fall has finally arrived. Hopefully you were satisfied with the…


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Using Moneyball Strategies to Win the Content Marketing Game

In a recent article published on Marketing Land, an author used the famous concept of Moneyball and applied it to content marketing. If you aren’t familiar with the Moneyball concept, it began when Billy Beane…


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The Automotive Industry is Primed for Responsive Websites

There is no shortage of opinions in our industry. Depending on who you ask, they will likely have a very passionate opinion about the three major types of mobile website strategies: responsive, adaptive, and mobile-only. If you ask a website provider, they’ll tell you that the option they have…


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How to Defend Against the Conquest

It's as cliche as it comes. The best defense is a good offense. The best offense is a good defense. We've heard it a dozen times in different contexts, not the least of which are sporting events like football. As strange as it may seem, the saying has its most profound meaning when it pertains to car…


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How to Make the Buying Experience Pain Free, Fun & Empowering for Women

As women become the fastest growing car-buying segment, influencing 80 percent of the car-buying decisions in the U.S., it is imperative for auto dealers to focus their sales strategies towards securing more female customers.

Unfortunately, at times, women have been underserved and do not have fond memories of their last experience. So it all lies on the shoulders of the dealership to ensure that female buyers have the "ultimate car buying experience" when they walk into your…


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How NOT to Blog, post and share content

Most of us know the value of online content, and so many who are not trained writers or editors are straying into the area of blog posting and sharing of others' Web content. Much of it is informational and shared by industry experts, which helps us all.

Some, however, are doing so in a way that violates others' rights and might even land them in court. A professional writer / author / blogger friend of mine was recently the victim of this, with his work not only reprinted without…


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Let Data Drive Pretty Much Everything in Your Marketing

First, a mini-rant. It will make sense why I'm starting with a rant before getting to the meat of the issue.

I was on the phone with a social client and their prospective search marketing provider the other day when I was blindsided by ignorance. It wasn't what I expected from a company…


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The All-New 2015 Subaru WRX and STI in North Jersey.

The team at Ramsey Subaru in New Jersey reviews the newly designed 2015 Subaru WRX and STI. The 2015 Subaru WRX features the all-new 268hp Direct-Injection Turbocharged Engine that…


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What's More Important Than Open Rates?

Your emails have…


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"Just Looking"...even managers have defense mechanisms

Two years ago while looking for a new digital marketing home I penned this blog post based on my observations visiting prospective employers.  Though I am happily nestled in a progressive and healthy wonderland right now, I find the points that I raise still very relevant in today's automotive digital marketing world:

Any good salesperson knows that the last way you want to greet a customer is with the words,…


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The Top Ten Auto News Stories of the Week: August 23 - 29

 Happy Friday, Auto Dealers! As always, ActivEngage has the top 10 most interesting automotive articles from around the web --RIGHT HERE!

In this week’s post you’ll learn why you might be annoying your sales leads, what space station droplet tests could mean for the auto industry, and much more! Check them out!

10. Now There's a Fitness Tracker for Your…


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Zeck Ford Service Advisor Scott Sparks

See what Scott Sparks has to say about the Zeck Ford Service Department!

Their President's Award Winning Service  Department is second to none ! They deliver Award Winning Service through a combination of a Professional Well Trained Staff. A Clean Modern Facility, State of the art Equipment , and Computerized Invoicing, Record Keeping and Information Systems. Zeck Ford provides friendly…


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Lead Follow Up Best Practices

http:// a lead doesn’t have to be rocket science.  Sometimes we overthink situations where the best solution is usually the simplest.  When it comes to lead follow up, dealerships should follow these three best practices, and the…


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Trying Something New? Follow this Recipe for Better Results

This article was written by Steve Hall. 


Follow this Recipe for Better Results

Summer in Kansas City is the time to smoke, grill and barbecue. The other day I was putting together my special rib sauce and it occurred to me that cooking is a lot like managing. Cooking when you have a great recipe is a lot easier –­ and the results are consistently better ­if you’re…


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How Simply Getting the Job Done Can Be a Bad Thing

Working at a car dealership often takes its toll on employees. The demands of a fifty, sixty or seventy hour work week often leaves the employee exhausted, mentally and physically. Generally, these employees are not clock-watchers, they are your commissioned sales people, your technicians, your management staff and they…


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Attitude check



The most important thing you will find out in your career is attitude, and how it affects the outcome of your goals. When bad things happen to you, do you face them head on. Do you say to yourself "I got this?" Do you approach your problems with "Why does this always happen to me?"

Click the link below to find why a positive attitude…


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When it comes to negotiating with a car dealer, what’s the comfort level of men and women?, the nation’s largest online car lease marketplace, was interested to take the pulse of car shoppers around the country. According to their findings, women are now warming up to the negotiation process. Click here to see the complete findings.

An online survey was presented to more than 1,000 drivers…


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