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Fill the Gaps in Lead Generation with Chat

One of the most disturbing trends we're seeing on dealer websites is when they use chat areas as another contact form. It's true that chat is a way to generate leads, but when collecting contact information is the primary goal, the whole point of chat is missed.

Here are some things that we have…


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Sometimes It’s Better To Cut Your Losses

I am sure many of you have heard about the recent customer service debacle involving Comcast over the past week. In case you aren’t familiar with what happened, a customer called into their service center attempting to cancel his service after almost a…


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Weird Al Yankovic accelerates his brand trajectory using management philosophy. - Mission Statement

Manny Luna


VL Digital…


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Increase After Sale Product Penetration Through Automotive Guest Relations (BDC)


It is time to talk about the F&I department in the dealership and how the BDC (GRC) department can help improve product penetration. The typical discussion with regards to business development is always about lead handling and appointments. The BDC discussion is one that can go on for hours…


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Black Book announces the addition of Anil Goyal to its executive team serving as Vice President of Analytics and Strategic Relationships. Best known for providing timely, independent and accurate vehicle valuation data, the addition of Mr. Goyal enables Black Book to broaden its reach into data and trend analysis for customers in a variety of leading industries.

Mr. Goyal comes to Black Book with a deep background in strategy and has held a number of senior positions in the…


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What's the NEW TOP Reason Women Buy?

Today's Women’s Wednesday we are focusing on the new top reason women are buying from their sales advisor. Trust has always trumped price when it comes to buying from a sales advisor, but now, in our latest mid-year #bigdata report directly from women's reviews, “trust” no longer has the top spot.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Aretha Franklin couldn’t define it better. Respect is now the #1 prerequisite to trust in the formula to selling to women.

The top 5 reasons women buy from their sales…


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Looking for information

Hi all,

I tried Google-ling the top auto sellers in the US by brand (units sold) and wasn't having much luck.

And also here on Long Island, in NY.

Also, does anyone know the top 10 brands that have repeat service visits?  By that I mean consistently more repair/maintenance problems.


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Online shopping for purchasing a car has never been more popular. But what about if you want to compare leases through an online channel? According to participants of a recent survey from, many respondents wouldn’t even know where to start.

Executives at and its sister marketplace,, were curious about how average drivers feel about the online research and shopping process on a new lease.…


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Why customers keep coming back to your dealership

Greetings Friends,   


The price of your services is not what keeps your customers coming back to your dealership. It is the amount of care you give them. When we are directed by the discounted price alone, we are developing the wrong kind of culture.


Click the link below to find out how to develop a caring culture in your dealership.



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AutoCon Launches “Your” Best Practices

AutoCon Launches “Your” Best Practices

Las Vegas, NV – The Third Annual AutoCon reinvents the automotive conference with a new and innovative format unlike any other industry event, which is attendee driven.  The majority of AutoCon’s speakers and trainers are actual dealer…


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I think it's broken..

Still not making more money?

Have you tried everything but still can't increase your profits? If you're struggling to bring in more money--even with all of your current marketing…


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Are You Empowering Your Team?

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Gas Prices Decline And So Does The Market

Here are the latest trends and insights on the used car market according to Black Book data and Ricky Beggs. The market continues the more traditional seasonal movements and for the first three weeks of July the average change amount has increased within the cars and trucks. This past week the cars average segment change was -$68 as compared to the previous two weeks of -$56 and…


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Your Dealership's Staff Wants a Culture of Appreciation

A dealership is often a high-stress environment, and if you don’t have a viable plan to show your employees that you appreciate them, you’re going to have to hire and re-hire over and over and over again…ad infinitum.

So how do you typically show your employees that you appreciate them for their work? The money. You give your team monetary incentives in return for…


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"Money Mind Mapp" Is The Theme For The Internet Sales 20 Group 6 In Boston 856-546-2440

"Money Mind Mapp" Is The Theme For The Internet Sales 20 Group 6 In…


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Jack Madden Ford in Norwood, MA, Is Hiring Internet Sales Coordinators - Call Center - Telemarketers 856-546-2440

Jack Madden Ford in Norwood, MA, Is Hiring Internet Sales Coordinators - Call Center -…


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Don't use that tone of voice with me

Recently, certain companies have faced major scrutiny for poor handling of customer concerns. How you treat customers is a reflection on how your business operates as a whole.

This week on Hard…


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Motivation is a psychological feature that induces an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. It can be considered a driving force; a psychological one that compels or reinforces an action toward a desired goal. For example, hunger is a motivation that elicits a desire to eat. Motivation is the purpose or psychological cause of an action.…


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Gary Marcotte Joins 3 Birds Marketing’s Board of Advisors

Former AutoNation Senior VP of Marketing will advise 3 Birds with over 25 years of industry experience

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina (July 17, 2014) –  Gary Marcotte has joined 3 Birds Marketing’s board of advisors, effective immediately.

Marcotte is most noted for his 13-year-tenure with AutoNation, Inc., America’s largest automotive retailer. Most recently, Marcotte served as Senior Vice President of Marketing for the company, leading the…


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