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5 Car Sales Techniques to Increase Your Bottom Line

In the high-stakes arena of car sales, the rules of the game are constantly changing. Gone are the days when a smooth script and a pleasant voice were enough to seal the deal. Today’s phone sales landscape is a battleground where only the smartest, savviest, and most strategic thrive. 

And the truth is, you probably already know that. You’re not looking for advice because you “can’t”…


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The True Cost of Losing a Service Customer .......OUCH!

In the competitive world of automotive service, keeping customers satisfied and loyal is essential for long-term success. The cost of acquiring a new customer is significantly higher than retaining an existing one, making customer retention a top priority for any automotive service business. But have you ever wondered just how much it…


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Enhancing Your Dealership's Success with Onsite & Virtual Dealership Training

In today's competitive automotive industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for dealerships to thrive. One way to achieve this is through a comprehensive training program that empowers your Sales Consultants and BD Agents to excel in their roles. Here are the top four ways Onsite & Virtual Dealership Training will help your dealership excel. …


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The Future of Automotive Finance: Trends and Predictions for F&I Managers

The automotive industry has seen remarkable advancements over the years, and the realm of finance and insurance (F&I) is no exception. As technology…


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Overcoming Objections: Strategies for Handling Common F&I Challenges

In the world of finance and insurance (F&I) within the automotive industry, challenges are inevitable. F&I managers often face objections from customers who are concerned about the financial aspects of purchasing a vehicle. These objections can range from concerns…


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Is Your Dealership Making the Right Choices?

We'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy the time when cars flew off the lot faster than we could restock our inventory. But as that excitement hit the road, have we asked ourselves, "Are we ready to sell again?" Let's be real, over the past three years, we could easily overcome objections and even achieve record levels of profit. But did we actually stick to a sales process during this frenzy? The truth is NO, most of us didn’t. …


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I'm just calling for the fun of it...

One of the most glaring issues affecting dealerships today is the dismal state of their phone skills. It’s alarming to witness how poorly some sales consultants handle inbound calls. Often, they fail even to say a simple "thanks for calling ABC Motors," instead opting for a generic introduction like "sales, Chris…" This lack of professionalism right at the outset leaves a negative impression on potential customers and set the tone for the entire interaction. …


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What Automotive Retail Industry Topics Would You Love To Read About?

I am looking to get some ideas and thoughts from industry professionals about what topics you enjoy reading about.

It's no secret that many of our peers are often writing books about specific topics that are designed to help the industry. My goal is to write a book…


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Discipline breeds confidence

We have all had days where we walk around with what feels like electricity pulsing through our veins; we’re hitting all of the green lights, and we feel GOOD! But what about the days when we don’t feel that hot? In the automotive industry, one day, you are on top of the world, and for some reason, the next day, you feel like you went through a meat grinder.…


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$200 ticket savings through dealerELITE for CXAUTO June 20-21


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What should be the focus of training?

When it comes to training, there are an endless number of things that you can prioritize. While the specific issues you may be facing at your dealership may be unique, there are certain things that every sales training schedule should include.


Set More Quality Appointments

Setting appointments is the lifeblood…


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How to Get More Leads with Video

One of the major reasons to implement a video marketing strategy is to make more sales. But to make more sales, you need more leads, right? Video is one of the most engaging and effective methods for generating more website traffic, leads, appointments, and sales. But you can’t just post a bunch of random videos and hope for the best.  There has to…


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Phone Etiquette Training Every Agent Needs

Sales agents spend much of their time on the phone, so it’s important for this time to be used effectively. While some may be natural at selling, everyone can stand to have at least a little training to help them out. There are some areas of phone etiquette that you should be focusing on to help them be the most effective.




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Why you need Quality Assurance Training...

When you want to improve the quality of your phone calls, it can be challenging to know where to start. Even if you have standardized procedures and phone scripts, every phone agent operates a little differently. To improve outcomes, you need to know how to use quality assurance training and what some of the outcomes you should be looking for are.


What is Quality Assurance…


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Who Are We

We can do many things to stand out against the competition. Quality phone skills, streamlined processes, and even an up-to-date website. Yet many of us struggle to achieve any of the above tasks. Have we ever stepped back and asked ourselves why we cannot accomplish any (or all) of the above? Sure, there's the age-old excuse of "not enough time in the day" or "we don't need that to…


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How to Improve Your BDC Training

Many dealerships have started using a Business Development Center or BDC to bring in new business and to increase the effectiveness of the appointments that their sales agents have. If you have never used a BDC before, you may not see why it is important or if you have worked with an ineffective one, it might be frustrating to think about dealing with that. Luckily there are some things you can do with…


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How Call Scoring Helps Your Phone Agents Improve

One of the most important things that you need to focus on with your phone agents is making sure that they are performing up to expectations and that their phone conversations are effective. Effective calls lead to more sales, which means greater success for your dealership. One of the best ways to evaluate the success rate of these phone calls is by using call scoring. 

What is Call…


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Free Reuters Automotive Webinar – Digital Dealership of the Future


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They Say Ignorance is Bliss. But I Find Yours Disturbing...



Let's preface this article by saying it isn't about beating anyone up. It's about offering realistic insights into the struggles we're currently facing. If we don't tackle the issues we face head-on, we're asking for a rude awakening in the coming months. For those living under a rock, according to a recent NY Times article, auto sales in 2023 will be at a…


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