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Cadillac Dealers Betting Big on EV or Taking the Chips Off the Table

As the nation attempts to further reduce emissions, many states have begun initiatives to phase our gas-powered vehicles. At the moment, multiple problems exist if someone were to snap their fingers and make every vehicle electric. On the vehicle and infrastructure side, there is a lack of charging stations and range is limited. While these are increasing…


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Is Your Intention Better Retention? Well, Prove it!

Customer retention can be tough. Independent repair shops lure customers away in droves with coupons or offers that promise low routine maintenance pricing. However, winning consumers on price alone is a short-term victory compared to winning over their loyalty for the long haul with quality work, certified technicians, and impeccable service. Luring them…


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How To Put Together a Kick-Ass Sales Management Team


My concepts include management is every manager's job description. Every manager is a specialist with a specific area of responsibility BUT anytime something needs to be handled, it is YOUR responsibility.…


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To Go or Not to Go? That is the Question.

One thing that the holidays usually bring is travel. Families want to celebrate the holidays with loved ones and, this year, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling is still happening. The difference right now is that a LOT more people are choosing to drive rather than fly,…


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Thanks for Calling. Please Hold.

One of the fears dealerships have regarding digital innovations in the automotive industry is that the internet will replace phones. However, it is a well-known fact that phone leads close significantly faster than internet and social leads combined. And guess what -- fixed operations generates many of them. As a result, dealerships are placing a…


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The Real Competition to Your Dealerships Service Drive/Quick Lane

I am in dealerships daily working with them on increasing efficiency and improving business in all departments, recently I have had a few experiences with service departments that have made me take a bit of a different view and I wanted to share my thoughts on what the real competition for your store's service drive is.



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Why Millennials Skip Your Service Drive

Remember when industry experts were predicting that millennials weren’t interested in owing vehicles? Turns out, they were wrong. The millennial generation with close to 80 million members is expected to account for 40 percent of all new-vehicle purchases over the next ten years, according to research by Deloitte.


All of those vehicles will need service. That’s a huge opportunity for dealership service centers – but only if they…


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Process Execution is More than a Buzz Phrase – The Key Marker of High-Performance Teams

Ever walk into a McDonald’s and just watch their process at work? If not, take the time to observe next time you visit one of these iconic fast-food chain restaurants. You’ll witness employees, who average just $10.12 per hour*, move with the brisk pace, tempo, and synchronicity of a well-trained team as they interact with each other and their…


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Do You Treat Your Team Like your Customers? You Should!

The retail auto business is stressful for all departments. In normal times, employees work 50+ hours per week simply to keep up with the demand from both customers and management. However, during the current pandemic, all departments are working harder than before to not only make a living but also to keep up with the expectations of their…


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What Constitutes a Great Workplace?

A Harvard Business Review shows that Boomers and Millennials are changing what constitutes a great place to work.

(Keep in mind that each of these generations are roughly twice the size of Gen. X which lies in the middle, so it is critical that we listen.)…


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4 BDC Wins for Today’s World

The traditional dealership business model is increasingly sharing space with a digital customer experience. A BDC can help dealers adapt and excel during this period of change. Three big trends highlight this new way of doing business:  


  • Online lead volume is up dramatically as people continue to choose touch less research and shopping.
  • Dealership employee numbers are down as dealers cut costs and shift more…

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8 Reasons why your change efforts fail

This powerful, three part, video series, explains why your great idea has not become the norm in your department or dealership. Retail Automotive Coaches Mark and Mike share what works and doesn't work when it comes to implementing change.

Click Here: It Doesn't Take a Genius 25…


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Trust Your Judgment

By Bradley Orr


I started my career in the car business selling Oldsmobiles. Since then, I have managed used cars, reconditioning and sales — and I was also a wholesale dealer. I’d like to believe I know the business’s challenges.


One challenge every dealer faces is making prudent decisions — often quickly.




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Sales Experience Won The Customer, Service Experience Lost Them. FOREVER!

Car dealers spend just a little bit of money on advertising.  ;) 

50% of it works and when it does, the dealership has an opportunity to provide a great sales experience.  Some dealers do everything right to get cars sold, but lose the customer for life due to poor service experiences.  Here's a true story about the time I helped my mom buy a new car.…


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The Ramifications of Price Increases

Dealerships are having a tough time acquiring used vehicle inventory at competitive prices right now. Due to recent OEM shutdowns, new car models are sparse. And, even with large rebates, incentives, and low interest rates, consumers are being especially careful with their finances in these tumultuous times and are shopping for used vehicles more than ever…


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Tap into Customer Emotions to Sell More Cars

You may be familiar with the saying, “Never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.”  This advice is smart and logical, but how many people follow it?


When it comes to car buying, not very many. Emotions often take center stage.  


Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing inherently bad about putting emotions first. Consider a…


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Annual Warranty Labor Rate Increase: Statutory or Factory Submission?

By Jordan Jankowski, Armatus Dealer Uplift

Every year, as dealers begin to work on their annual labor rate submissions, many are quick to grab their policies and procedures manuals to get started. For most, it’s a process that may involve filling out a competitive survey, producing a certain amount of consecutive qualified repair orders, or a…


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David Kain Interviews Quotible Co-Founder, Nick Kaptain

Incredibly well respected automotive industry veteran, David Kain, sat down with Quotible's co-founder Nick Kaptain in an exclusive interview to discuss Quotible, an industry-leading and dealer founded quoting and communication platform. 


We were honored to…


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Musical Positions

We sometimes wonder why the BDC is not performing like they used to be. At the same time, instead of acquiring new talent to fill a position or assist another department, we often shift them over instead. Sounds like a great idea, right? It means that we don't have to hire another position, and they have the skills needed for the job! But what we often don't consider is that it leaves an empty gap in the BDC. Or worse, if you leave the BD Agent in the BDC but have them off task, it lessens…


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What Are You Doing for Service Awareness During this Pandemic?

It is no secret that the service department tends to get the smallest part of the dealership’s marketing budget, despite bringing in the most revenue. Some dealers take this for granted with marketing dollars focused on sales. I get it – dealerships originally served as a critical, local arm of the OEM’s distribution of new models. However, due to the…


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