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The Secret to Converting More Phone Ups

All the best sales leaders in the automotive industry have one thing in common - they all listen to recorded calls from customers. It is well worth the time. There is no better way to teach, train and help staff grow their own skills. Even if you are using a time-tested script, you will always find opportunities to improve by taking the time to actually…


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Why is This Happening for Me? - Zoom Cast #6

Automotive Retail Coaches Mark and Mike examine the power of the question, "Why is this happening for me?" Speaker and author Mike Robbins brought this powerful question to our attention. In this day and age of extreme change it can be a life changing question. Note: The evolution continues this Zoom Cast is shorter and more focused. To watch the Zoom Cast Click Here: …


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Digital Transformation Is Happening Now

With the advancement of technology and sudden wave of consumer adoption, the automotive retail sector is experiencing a global revolution and that can only be attributed to digitization. Thanks to digital platforms and solutions, dealers have experienced many recent changes.


Total retail sales in the United…


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David Kain Interviews Steve Southin, Co-CEO of DiscoveryLoft About Their New Vehicle Inspection Tool

I am incredibly humbled that David Kain took the time to learn about PAVEInspect last week.

"David Kain, President of Kain Automotive interviews Steve Southin, Co-CEO of DiscoveryLoft about their new vehicle inspection tool, PAVE INSPECT. PAVE INSPECT allows…


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5 Tips to Train & Retain Salespeople

How well do you retain sales staff?  The average annual turnover rate for salespeople in our business is 67 percent, according to Automotive News.


That’s an alarming statistic when you consider it can cost upwards of $10,000 to replace one salesperson. This figure accounts for recruiting fees, on-boarding costs and potential lost revenue from missed deals.



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Looking to Build Better Customer Relationships?

Customers are becoming incredibly sophisticated, elusive, and empowered since the latest digital retail wave. As a result, the dynamics of the relationship between brands and customers is evolving. But even in this new digital era of online engagement and transparency, the reality is that the relationship dealers should hope to have with customers…


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Sales Happens on Every Channel… Is Your Dealership Prepared?

In today’s times, people are concerned about COVID-19 as are businesses. Technology has become more important than ever for both consumers to shop as well as businesses to stay afloat. Many dealerships were restricted from sales being open while some were allowed to only sell online. How, exactly, do you sell a car completely online to consumers who are…


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When Automation And Your Sales Team Collide (Part 1)

I love to create experiments. I am a big nerd at heart.

Right now, we are conducting an experiment about sales lead follow up and effectiveness that I wanted to share it with you. We tested 100 dealerships and recorded exactly how they responded to an internet lead request.…


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Managers Never Yell

Managers never yell, huh? I bet you have something to say about this, don’t you?

I’m serious though. I think they just don’t talk very good.

That’s exactly why we started the video series, Communication is Key. I want to make sure you know how to come across the way that you mean to. Communicating well really…


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Adapting to Change May Be Hard but Also May Be Vital to Success

COVID-19 has reformed and redefined the customer experience (CX), and now dealers need to think beyond short-term fixes and look forward into the new normal of an increased desire by consumers for digital retailing options, according to…


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Efficiency and Revenue in All Departments through Digital Channels

The economic downturn the auto industry has faced beginning in early March was more devastating for those dealers who were not able to quickly and easily shift sales processes online if they didn’t have digital retailing channels already. Now as restrictions lift slowly across the country, we are waking up to a new digital era that could turn out to be more…


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Used Cars: The Wild Ride that Could

As hard as we try to increase recall completions, there always seems to be a bump in the road. We may soon be in for a pretty big one from the used-car market and there are plenty of signs pointing to this having a major effect on both dealerships and consumers.


According to a recent article in…


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5 Reasons why User Experience is the Foundation of a Strong Dealership

User Experience, by definition, addresses all aspects of an experience within automotive shopping, purchasing and owning of a vehicle from the customer's perspective. From interacting with an ad, to interacting with a website and to parking their new vehicle in their driveway, user experience guides the interaction of the customer throughout mobile apps and…


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It's Good to Have Friends - A Look at the Benefits of Vendor Networking | KPI Cafe Season 5 Bonus 3

David Lemmon joins Host Dane Saville to discuss the importance of vendor networking, including the surprising value that dealers get from vendor-to-vendor connections. Join them for this short but informative talk and see why it's always good to have friends.

So let's be friends! Subscribe today to never miss an insight:  http://bit.ly/2lAyOMK

—— Topics Covered…


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"It Doesn't Take a Genius" Zoom Cast 4

Mark and Mike discuss the importance and value of recognition when it comes to improving team member engagement. https://youtu.be/vYDM-A1ikbA…


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The Socially Distant Next Digital Era

Digital retail has just had an unexpected growth spurt. While stay at home mandates disrupted worldwide economies, it has also forced many business and consumers to abandon technophobia and welcome digital retail solutions with open arms. Companies like…


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A Decade of Change

To our friends, colleagues, and professional community:

It’s not a great time to celebrate our anniversary. Not with so much going on. So many people impacted by forces well beyond their control. The emotional choice and rational choices are confusing, and we all seem to know that things will be…


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Voicemail Tips to Get Your Phone Ringing

Anyone in sales can probably agree that leaving dozens of voicemails a day that are never returned is the most frustrating part of automotive phone sales. The average voicemail return rate is 4.8 % and sales reps spend about 15% of their…


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Get Inspired: The Power of LIVE VIRTUAL Experiences!

Announcing the 16th Annual Automotive CX Summit Series 2020

Hosted by Thought Leadership Summits

Dealer Elite Readers Benefit from 20% Discount now through June 26th

Thought Leadership Summits, Inc. (TLS), is…


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AI + HI = Intelligence

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced many retail businesses to either shutdown or embrace automation, AI and digital retail solutions in order to continue to generate revenue. Almost immediately, artificial intelligence has gone from a niche concept to a one that many automotive dealers and businesses need to strongly consider even as many of us begin…


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