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Join us March 23, 2020 for the first edition of BDC…


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FREE WEBINAR: 10 Easy Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Dealership!

10 Easy Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Dealership

Thursday, January 16, 2020

9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST


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72% of consumers prefer learning about a…


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The Biggest Problem With Car Retailers Websites.

What is your website saying to consumers? #localsearchgroup #website…


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Beyond the ORP: Creating a Single, Cohesive Marketing Strategy

Owner retention programs (ORPs) are one of the most used marketing tools and have been used by dealerships for many years. However, most ORPs are run in a silo, separate from the rest of the dealership’s marketing strategy.


This practice results in an inconsistent, less than optimal experience for dealership customers. The way it currently…


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Do You Have a Scorecard to Hold Your Team Accountable? You Should. (Part 1)

“Our lives move in the direction of our strongest thoughts.” – Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor of Life Church & Bestselling Author


We all have our own beliefs, some of which tend to be universal. Such as the above statement from Craig Groeschel, which, in my opinion, is simply too powerful…


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2 Simple Reports to Help you Conquer Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a beast. Within it, you can access all the data about your website that you could ever need. Unfortunately, since it is so jam-packed with great data, it can be hard to even know where to begin. I consistently meet with car dealers who aren't sure what reports they should be looking at and what data they should be gleaned from those…


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Strobe Light Marketing

This could—more or less so – be the right time. Or now. Or turn it on now. Or off now.


Except it doesn’t work because you’re on again and off again.…


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Oooooh Yeah! Let's Talk Paid Search Conversions | KPI Cafe Season 3 Episode 2

Host Dane Saville gets Macho to break down some of the most important questions for paid search in automotive retail. From confusion over bounce rates to conversions to quick tips, dealers will be able to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

Don't forget to…


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Quit Selling Scared

My friend David Lewis wrote a blog suggesting the 'Trial Close' is an outdated concept and that it bothers the customer and you should stop using trial closes immediately.  But really? 

One of my favorite trial closes, "do you guys have any other reservations or reasons for not moving forward?"  Is this one question going blow a deal?  Can any one thing or question cause someone not to buy from you?   Or is David really trying to avoid the possibility of rejection unwilling to deal…


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Drop the Leadership Lunacy

As I continue with the third in a series of articles on the topic of generational leadership it’s important to prioritize focusing less on what makes each generation different, or what makes different generations “difficult,” and instead get back to leadership basics that impact all generations for better and worse. Thus far I’ve outlined important workplace aspects ALL generations want, respond well to, and are more productive as a result of, and will now cover a handful of universal…


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Where Oh Where Do We Find More Techs?

With the increasing demand for service repairs, dealers are scrambling to recruit more technicians. At the same time, the pool of experienced technicians is dwindling, as not enough new technicians are entering the workforce -- and demand will only increase.


Regardless of how much money your dealership may spend to expand your facilities to…


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Are You Over Communicating To Your Customers?

When it comes to email marketing, frequency of communications plays an important role in getting customers to open your emails AND in getting them into your showroom.


However, flooding their inboxes with daily communications poses risks. Too many emails and your customers will lose trust in your business and unsubscribe from future marketing.…


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Are you in the Dark about the Effectiveness of your Website Strategies?

In my last blog, I shared a few design tips I have seen drive website conversion rates as high as 10%. In this blog, I would like to move onto the next step and share advice about how to recognize and measure if your website changes are, in fact, effective.


Many dealerships…


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5 Essential ORP Communications

Your dealership has probably been using an owner retention program (ORPs) for years, but when was the last time you evaluated the effectiveness of each communication?

One thing is certain. Sending out the same communications with the same messages via the same channels, again and again, isn’t a winning strategy. The goal of an ORP is to…


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Former Dealer and Founder of Hire The Winners is subject of new documentary on his life "Wrestled Away" The Lee Kemp Story

"Wrestled Away" The Lee Kemp Story was released globally on October 1, 2019 on most of the Video on Demand platforms including:

iTunes: https://t.co/nBw1YBSnNT

Amazon: https://t.co/kIW0f06FgG ;

GooglePlay: https://t.co/5BDfXMyfW8

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Four Steps to Productively Process Disappointment

Disappointments are a fact of life. The question isn't whether we'll experience them, but whether we'll use them to our advantage and get better because of them; or, be abused by them when they happen, and let them hijack our attention, focus, productivity, joy, and more. How we handle disappointments is key to living the game changer life, and this podcast episode shares key steps to help you process disappointments productively and shift your thinking so you remain focused, energized, and…


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Is Your Store Ready For Training?

I have been hired numerous times to perform training in stores that are not mentally or physically prepared for growth. Mentally, because their advisors think they are doing well enough and don’t see the growth potential in their position. Physically, because the shop is already full, or scheduled work is backed up for days. 

In order to help you get…


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Who is Eating Your Profits?

Sometimes you have to get rid of a bad apple. This article is an oldie, but goodie from our archives.

-by Sally Whitesell for AutoSuccess Magazine.

Terminating someone is never pleasant and not to be taken lightly. As a former service manager I only had to fire one service advisor -and I did not make that decision lightly. However, in…


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Master the Art of Execution

The reason most organizations fail to achieve desired results is because they lack an effective execution process that serves as a bridge from where the organization is at, to where it aspires to go. Many organizations start the year with a forecast people are excited about, and a strategy that's sound. But, when objectives aren't being met, it's common for leaders to question the vision or lower the goals rather than evaluate if their execution process is converting vision to action - a…


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