What Automotive Retail Industry Topics Would You Love To Read About?

I am looking to get some ideas and thoughts from industry professionals about what topics you enjoy reading about.

It's no secret that many of our peers are often writing books about specific topics that are designed to help the industry. My goal is to write a book that is relevant to the automotive retail  professional. I will cover dealership operation topics that include sales, service, BDC operations, recruiting, culture, management, and vendor management. The book will be written from my point of view where I will share my own personal experiences working in various retail positions as well as being an executive manager for some dealer partners and owning my own national training & consulting firm, Dealer eTraining

For example, there is an ongoing discussion about BDC.

Do we need a BDC department in-house or should we outsource?

Can't we just have our sales consultants handle leads?

Another thought process is about Digital Retail.

Do we start to embrace how our customers are shopping for vehicles or do we continue to focus on just "getting them in" like we have always done?

How do we maximize gross profit if we embrace digital retail?

When it comes to service departments, how do we improve our communication with customers so that they do not hurt us on surveys when asked about status updates and their engagement in the service drive when they arrive?

When it comes to vendors and technology what is the best trade appraisal tool and how do we make it a part of our culture?

When it comes to recruiting people, how do we do a better job of searching for talent and what kind of programs should we implement in the dealership to maintain a mentorship program?

These are just a few thoughts that I have. I am currently writing the first Chapter of my book. There is no name yet for it. 

I would like to invite you to give me some ideas on what you think dealers will want to read and what will keep their attention. If you want to collaborate on this project I am open to the idea as well. 

By the way, if you have not met me or heard of me my name is Stan Sher. I just celebrated my twentieth year in the automotive industry. I have many years of experience in retail and consulting where I have moved between both roles. You will find that I keep it real and tell it like it is. To start my journey as an author I published my first book less than two years ago called, “Social Sher’s The Skills That Pay The Bills” which is designed to ignite a fire to motivate people to understand that anything is possible no matter what obstacles stand in their way!

I look forward to connecting with you and earning a new friend in business and life!

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