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Putting CX Front of Mind During a Sales Call

Customer experience can make or break a dealership. It is a term often used when making marketing strategy plans, but is it front of mind for every dealership employee; especially those who communicate with customers directly? If your sales and BDC staff are relying on old school phone and internet techniques, it’s not. The language salespeople use with…


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What To Look For In An Automated Workflow Solution

From sales to finance, and IT to marketing, workflow automation can liberate almost any departments from the burden of tedious manual processes. A workflow automation process begins with a clear objective and ends at process evaluation. I have already discussed the handful of ways in which dealers are already using automation so let’s take a look at how…


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Survey: 80% of Automotive Dealerships Report Partnering with Fewer than Twenty Lenders, Highlighting Competitive Financial Marketplace

Data Reveals Importance of Accuracy and Efficiency in Lending Processes

BURNABY, BC (August 10, 2020) - Inovatec Systems…


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Marcom Technologies Announces Newest Solution, Total Call Results, Powered by InteractiveTel

Detroit, MI– August 10, 2020 - Marcom Technologies Inc., the only phone training company to listen to, critique and score every incoming sales and service opportunity call in automotive, is excited to announce their newest telephony solution, Total Call Results, powered by InteractiveTel.

By combining Marcom’s award-winning training and process with InteractiveTel’s real time business intelligence, Marcom Total Call Results users will have access to the only solution…


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SiriusXM® Subscription Now Included with Purchase of SureSale Vehicles

Agreement between leading vehicle certification company and leading audio entertainment company adds additional value and incentive to customers of independent and franchised dealers who offer SureSale vehicles


Los Angeles, CA – August 10, 2020 – SureSale, the award-winning, gold standard for quality used vehicles, today announced that it has teamed up with SiriusXM to offer a complimentary 3-month subscription* to SiriusXM’s top-tier All Access…


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How a Simple Analog Device Inspired a Digital Powerhouse

Kevin Systrom, one of the co-founders of Instagram attributes the creation of the powerhouse Photo Application and social network to a particular yet simple life event. He had chosen to study in Italy his Junior year of college, and a professor had replaced the state-of-the-art modern camera he had around his neck with the iconic but ultra-simple Holga…


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The Super Simple Idea for Additional Sales Opportunities

Happy customers, happy sales teams, happy dealers


I will keep this brief, (I hear ya sayin …”YEAH RIGHT!”) in fact I will likely struggle to get in 3 or 4 paragraphs…the idea is super simple, but could be very impactful for most dealers.

As you know, margins continue to shrink in new car sales, and we…


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Fixed Ops Marketing Best Practices, Not Dirty Tricks | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 6

To round out our season, Reunion's own Chad Graves and Andrew Kocha join the KPI Cafe to discuss a wealth of topics regarding how dealerships can best market their fixed operations. They offer best-in-class tactics and strategies that will help you drive more qualified parts and service customers for ROs and revenue.…


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Online Sales Training For Today

As we move out of these crazy times it's so important to keep your mindset positive and have plans in place to thrive.

We are offering our 5 Part Sales Power Course completely FREE just click on the link - keep your skill set up and your mind focused.

Also feel free to share with your team! We will get through this!

Click on this link and enjoy the training…


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Automation Let’s You Fly!

One of the most popular metaphors in business is how leaders are the pilots of their organizations: in the driver's seat, handling turbulence, and getting employees and customers to their destination. This is an easy metaphor to apply to automation, especially since aviation’s adoption of automation follows a similar path as it does with the automotive…


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Introducing Digital Dealer NOW, Education on Demand


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Creator Lindsay Automotive Realizes $800 Increase in PVR Profit and Up to 28% Increase in Protection Product Sales Using ZipDeal’s Personalized Customer-Driven Delivery Process


Columbus, OH – August 3, 2020ZipDeal, a streamlined, post-sale, pre-F&I vehicle delivery system for automotive dealers, launched today. Created by dealership owner Steve Lindsay, and helmed by industry veterans…


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Have You Ever Considered Using Shopstreaming? You Are Probably Already Doing It

Last year, U.S. e-commerce sales generated about $365.2 billion in revenue. With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in changing shopping habits as nonessential businesses endure mandated closures, there is more incentive than ever to invest in growing…


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Facebook Advertising -- The Map is Not the Journey

Facebook advertising gives every business the ability to precisely target their advertising with exceptional knowledge of the consumer’s behavior.

Knowing the consumer by age, behavior, interests, and location helps you optimize the metrics that matter most. Even though it’s an exceptional platform, Facebook can be…


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Don't Practice...

Don’t Practice

That’s right, don’t practice…

Most sales people will practice in one place, and that’s on the lot with a customer.

That’s by far the absolute worse place to do any type of practice.

You should practice with other sales people and management.

You should be  SELLING with your…


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The Perils of Online Used Car Buying Services

These days, more channels are open for consumers to buy vehicles without leaving their homes. Whether that occurs through dealerships, independents, or online services, it is of concern, from a safety standpoint, that consumers know that their chosen vehicle is safe.


No consumer wants to spend thousands of dollars on a “lemon,” nor a vehicle…


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How Automation is Already Helping Your Dealership (and Why You Should Investigate Other Ways) - Part 2

In my last blogI discussed how dealers have been using automation to manage internet lead processes. In this blog, I will take it one step further and explain how dealers are using an…


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Discover the Details to Effectively Run a Fixed Operations Department | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 5

Ed Roberts, who leads the fixed operations for Bozard Ford Lincoln, joins the KPI Cafe to cover a host of topics that can help any dealership increase the efficiency and profitability of their fixed operations, but also leverage it to create a better culture and opportunities for your sales staff.…


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A COVID-19 Story

I know that there are way too many stories like this in the auto industry. That's why I made it.

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Video Ads for Facebook

Video is arguably the hottest medium on the Internet. Based on the most recent statistics, the average adult spends nearly one hour watching videos online every day. These users spend a great deal of time watching video content. These statistics make video the ideal tool for advertising on Facebook, and its sister platform…


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